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  1. Panel 9
    1. Fernando Tricas - Revisiting the Spanish Blogosphere
    2. Denisa Kera and Martin Kopta
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Panel 9

Fernando Tricas - Revisiting the Spanish Blogosphere

Definition of the spanish blogsphere Complex geographical - several countries speak Spanish several languages - four official languages in spain, plus also people blog in English, french Dutch etc. Plus there are bilingual and even trilingual blogs Definition open to discussion

In the last year: blogs more visible in mass media Mags, newspapers, portals, radio, tv talk about blog some newspapers include blogs in online editions, e.g. El Mundo Media coverage not good 0 they make negative comments then forget about it blogospohere reacts quickloy, very critically

Blogs became a research topic - media and journalism counferences

Some evangalists for blogging but it's not known very well. Student blogs - blogs used as learning and teaching tool, social science, etc. Mainly as a teaching tool, but also getting blogs for students to write (stuff)

Strong sense of community, metablogging increasing - blog portals, directories, update lists, metablogs - awards, secret santa, online blog magazine - irc channels, internet radio stations - growing consciousness of itself

Blogometro: ranks fresh links, Python, PostgreSQL, data since nov. 2002

Number of blogs hosted on popular sites:


Check the Slides:, if you want.

And thanks for the excelent, notes - fernando

Denisa Kera and Martin Kopta

The state of linking in the Czeck Blogosphere

DK is a teaching and research assistant in media studies at Charles University, MK is a student of teaching.

Ironic thinga bout the presentation is that what is at the end uis the best, but this is an exampleof a failure. The Czech blogpshere is small, it's just starting, and example of late adopters.

Blogosphere started around a year ago mainly, but a couple from 01 and 02. Real beginning is May 03, when Czech blog tools released. Independent blog tools.

In march - may 03, the proportion of Czech bloggers using dropped, because the czech blogging tools appeared (observed at Appearance of local blogging tools important. - 3478 accoutns in May 04 mostly teenagers - 2041 - mostly adults, professionals - 252 86 brouzdej,cz - 14

hard to tell difference between czech and slovak bloggers, though.

Blog Census has numbers, but questionable because it can't recognise czech lanauge and use of diacritics. Approximation is that there are 6500 - 7000 czech blogs 1500 - 2000 are active so 25 active blogs in 10000 netizens blog contamination = no of actgive bloggers per active people on the net

First blog survey in the Czech blogosphere, showed, 79% are men, 20 % are women, 1 % unknown.

Most blogs 2 to 4 times a week, similar as shown internationally on BlogSurvey Not many people blog more than once a day, or once a day

People do blog at work - probably procrastinating.

Reasons why: Fun, contacts, writing, other, work, thrill, money

Thrill isn't quite the right translation, it means more 'fight' or maybe people see it as having a discussion.

State of linking in the blogosphere - not properly researched, only started last month. Which links dominate, news etc. What drives a citation? Social or intellectual structure? Related to how academics cite.

Where do these bloggers find their info? web pages that I visit often friends blogs other resources online media rss readers

How much to blogs link to other blogs, themselves, or news/traditional media? Still processing information, but gives examples.

Looks at linking patterns - same as done in other areas, so nothing interesting in this. There is nothing strange or different. Maybe they write less than international counterparts. Political blog, for e.g., links mainly to traditional media; diaries are more reflective so they link more to themselves; community blogs link more to blogs within the community.

Working by hand so want a tool to do analysis automatically

Routes of memes Katarina-based blog - open the 23 page of a book, and look at the 5th sentence. This became very popular in Czech republic, and what happened was that Ghostik was the first, and it spread in about five days and reached about 60 blogs.

Local blogging phenomena Community Artists and activists, built by themselves, and has the idea that it wants to show context information by monitoring what people do on the site, traces what the user clicks and offers that information up to the next user who searches for the same thing.

rss blogging (invisible blog) Don't post on a page, just to rss. Status thing? That you are experienced?

Live blogging - popularised byh the defeat of the Euro

Metrospotting - moblong from subway have their own vocab about the subway, like trainsportting.

Blogging for the dead - diaries of grandparents (?)

BlogTalk are going to produce a publication like last time. Wonder if they'll publish it with a CC licence?

Thomas Burg Closing comments - was a wonderful experience, diverse papers were interesting. Any ideas about next time, let him know.


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