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These wiki pages are a collaborative effort to put online notes of the different conferences and panels of BlogTalkVienna. Publication could be considered if we manage to get them presentable.

(From the FrontPage of this wiki: "This work is licensed under a [WWW]Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 1.0 license")

If you find the notes hard to read, click EditText at the bottom of the page -- they will probably make more sense when you view the wiki-source.

The starting document is usually a SubEthaEdit document compiled during the conference. You are free to complete the notes with your own.

If you are adding personal comments/conversations, please mark them clearly as to distinguish them from the "factual, what-the-speaker-said", notes.

Most pages need "wiki-formatting". I have done some very basic formatting to the first two pages linked below, so you can use it as inspiration for the other ones. If you are formatting the notes, please pay attention to how things are indented in the source. In SubEthaEdit we often just indented notes to organise them, and this indentation does not show in the wiki rendering of them. It would be nice to mark them up so that they do! -- StephanieBooth

All these pages need links to the presentations the speakers used, if they are online (couldn't find them!), and at the bottom of the page you will find (or create) a section where everyone can link to their own, personal, write-ups or comments on the concerned panel or keynote.

This operation needs visibility -- please link to this page or blog about it if you think it is worthwhile, so that everyone can get a chance to contribute!



Idea: add list of names of people in each panel/keynote

A great thanks to all the participants who dirtied their hands in SubEthaEdit, and to Suw who suggested putting this up on the wiki!