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I've set up an IRC channel for people to talk about BloggerCon.

IRC is an open, cross-platform chat standard. Clients are available for all OS's, and even some cellphones. Chat takes place in chatrooms, which are normally shown preced by an octothorpe, so #bloggercon is our room. There are various different IRC networks, so you will need to enter the network we are using as well, which is

Try clicking on this link:


If that did work, you'll be in the chatroom. If not, you need to get a chat client program.

If you downlaod and install the Mozilla browser, you can type in the URL above and get straight to the chat. They have versions for Windows, Mac & Linux:

There are plenty of Windows IRC clients; HydraIRC and mIRC seem to be fairly popular Instructions to connect:

mIrc instructions:

On the Mac, Snak and X-chat Aqua are popular, with Conversation coming along. Instructions: 1. download it and run it 2. enter into the server name, and your nickname into the nickname field. 3. once it connects, click on the 'channels' tab 4. Click the '+' button, enter #bloggercon and press return 5. Double-click the #bloggercon line - the room should open

I won't presume to advise Linux people, as they all have a favourite IRC client and know how to use it already.

As a reminder, the server to enter is The channel is #bloggercon.

I've brought kevbot over from #joiito to herald people from there.