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Articles on Compulsory Licensing and associated computer taxes

[WWW]A Framework for Evaluating Digital Rights Management Proposals by Rachna Dhamija and Fredrik Wallenberg (Compares and evaluates various DRM proposals with compulsory license proposals from Netanel, Fisher, Sobel, etc.)

[WWW]S.J.Liebowitz (.pdf) "Alternative Copyright Systems: The Problems with a Compulsory License"

[WWW]Stephen Cherry in IEEE puts the case [WWW]Discussion of this and Jim Griffin's plans by Kevin Marks

[WWW]Xeni Jardin in Grammy Magazine [WWW]Jardin - Commented paragraphs only

[WWW]Links to NPR & ILAW discussions

[WWW]Cato Institute on IP laws introduced in 2001

[WWW]Sobel's watermarking, tracking DRM compulsory idea [WWW]Sobel - Commented paragraphs only

[WWW]Bennet Lincoff's compulsory license & computer tax idea [WWW]Lincoff - Commented paragraphs only

[WWW]Stan Liebowitz against compulsory license

[WWW]Ernest Miller - non-commercial use?

[WWW]William Fisher's watermark-based idea

[WWW]Derek Slater's summary of Fisher [WWW]More discussion by Slater & Fisher

[WWW]Lessig on the broad idea

[WWW]Neil Netanel's "Impose a Noncommercial Use Levy to Allow Free P2P File Sharing" .pdf