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The dinner was a bash!

If you were there and took pictures, blogged about it, or otherwise recorded the event, add links next to your name below.


Jay Fienberg has [WWW]photos and the [WWW]"Joi vs The Burtonator" song

MarcCanter has [WWW]blogged it and also [WWW]posted and added captions to some of Jay's photos

[WWW]Christian Crumlish has [WWW]blogged it and [WWW]posted pictures

[WWW]Cheyenne (Gnome-girl) has [WWW]blogged it with pictures and two videos:

Joi [WWW]blogged it too.

[WWW]Tantek has [WWW]blogged it and [WWW]posted a few photos.


We have THREE MORE SLOTS for dinner tonight. Add your name to the list NOW! :) --JYL

I'm in SF for 48 hours for a meeting. I'm free for dinner on the 11th. Shall we start around 7pm? Let me know if you want to get together. -- JoiIto

We expect the cost per person to be around $45. Please have cash with you. PAYMENT IN CASH EXPECTED.

--Jacob Levy

What is it - $35 or $45? - Marc :-)

Since you ask: The menu, exclusive of drinks, taxes, and tip, is $35/person, so a *VERY CONSERVATIVE* estimate of the actual cost is $45/person. --Jacob Levy.

Location - LuLu

816 Folsom St (@4th)

Telephone : 415-495-5775

I'm staying at the W. The address for the W is 181 Third Street - 415-777-5300. -- JoiIto


We are going to do the $35.00 per person menu at LuLu.

First Course

Second Course

Are there any vegetarians in the group? If you have vegetarian preferences send email to jyl@mod3.net

Hey Joi, I'm in SF doing the VC thang; can't make dinner as will be in Palo Alto. But are you here now, monday or wed next week? -- [WWW]Nova Spivack

Joi, Judy and I are going to Leonard Shlain's book thang at 111 Minna at 6:30. That's kinda in the neighborhood. We could make it to Lulu's by 8:00. Would that work? [WWW]Howard Rheingold

I can attest, [WWW]LuLu's is fantastic.. rosemary chicken.. mmm....

unfortunately, I already have unbreakable dinner plans. When will be the next opportunity? [WWW]Auren Hoffman

<*> Hey Joi, wish I could join all of you. Maybe in Tokyo at the beginning of 2004 - [WWW]Shanti Bergel

I will be on my Danger Sidekick AIM when I am in the US. My AIM handle on the sidekick is joichiito -- JoiIto

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