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For people coming to Japan

I'll try to be of help to people coming to Japan. Please ask questions here and include details of your trip. Maybe if enough people are in Japan, we can have some parties. Not sure how this is going to turn out yet, but please start by posting the dates you might come to Japan. -- JoiIto

My fiance and I will be living in Fukuoka in August. It will be our second time living in Japan and should a tons of fun. Please feel free to contact me. -- SunRunner
[WWW]Boris [MAILTO]EMail - June 26th - July 9th, 2003

Domo arigato gozaimasu!

[WWW]Pete - I'm coming out for the [WWW]Moblogging Conference too; from the 3rd July to the 7th July. It's a short trip so I want to cram as much in as I can during this time! Some friends have sent me info about good places to go and stuff to do and I'm more than happy to pass this on to anyone who wants it... Just send me an [MAILTO]email.

Some good blogs to help with info and planning:
[WWW]Anti-Pixel; a view of Japan from an Australian Ex-Pat
[WWW]Jeansnow.net - A very nice blog with loads of info about the unique places in Tokyo

Other good sites:
[WWW]Lonely Planet Guide to Tokyo
[WWW]Metro Map
[WWW]Metropolis Tokyo

There are some things that I really want to make sure I fit in; such as an Onsen; a gadget shopping trip (or course!) and some really good Japanese food... Blogging all the time of course :) - [WWW]Pete

From my friend [WWW]Babsi (Babsi lived and worked in Tokyo for [WWW]Furi Furi.)

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