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JoiIto's Helsinki Trip June 14-16, 2003

Trip Details

Date Time Details
6/14 (Sat) 11:45 Lv NRT by SK (Scandinavian Airlines System) 984
16:16 Ar in Copenhagen
17:35 Lv Copenhagen by SK 1710
20:05 Ar in Helsinki
6/15 (Sun) Aula Event
20:00 Meeting
6/16 (Mon) 8:15AM Leave Hotel
9:00AM Meeting Starts Villa Båtvik Nokia Training Center
5:00PM Meeting Ends/Sauna and Dinnner at Båtvik
18:05 Lv Helsinki by LH 3017
19:50 Ar in Frankfurt
20:35 Lv Frankfurt by NH 210
6/17 (Tue) 14:40 Ar @NRT

Sokos Hotel Torni, Yrjönkatu 26, 00100 HELSINKI, TEL+358-9-43360, FAX (09) 4336 7100

Things to do

People to Meet

Meeting of Minds

[WWW]MOM 2003 Web Page

[WWW]posted some pictures quick and dirty here -- JoiIto

I'm on a network and logged into IrcChannel #joiito right now. -- JoiIto

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Come to the AIM chat room mom2003 to join the "backchannel" at the conference -- JoiIto

Limerick by Kevin Marks about Tom Coates

That pontificator Tom Coates
thinks weblogs influence votes
As mass ameteurisation
sweeps through the nation
we end up with pictures of goats

Jim Griffin is talking about copyright.... Syncronicity that Japan just "[WWW]harmonized" with the US. -- JoiIto 2003-06-15 18:43:12 JST