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Help me decide what to do between June 4 in Naples and June 10 in Helsinki. -- JoiIto

If you're in Naples anyway, make sure you take in Sorrento, Capri & Positano and maybe Pompei on the way. And then come to [WWW]NotCon and I'll try to drag [WWW]Justin along - [WWW]Robin

I'd suggest you attend the Wizards of OS 3 Conference in Berlin. June 10-13, 2004. It's shaping up to be a great confernce, and best of all creative commons Germany is being launched! [WWW]

Joi - I'll be at WOS, arriving a couple of days early (the 9th) and would love to introduce you to some friends who'll be there - EthanZ

The Innovative Actions Network for the Information Society ANNUAL CONFERENCE 2004 Information Society & The Regions: Contributing to Cohesion in EU-25 Hilton Hotel, Budapest 9th ? 11th June 2004

[WWW]meet the devil!

Have you thought in coming to Spain? Madrid, Cordoba, Granada, and so on. Too much to see in Spain!!!! If you need help or want to meet the most exicting open source community in the world, or just want to hang around with some bloggers here, drop me a line at Regards. Alfredo Romeo ( (

Hey, come to [WWW]Madrid dinner on June 8th with Loic and other great bloggers in Spain. [WWW]Victor R. Ruiz

Frankly Joi, you have to come to the UK. I'm putting together all the plans for another uk get-together, i'm sure we can find out a day where it can all work out? -- [WWW]James

We're holding [WWW]NotCon - a one-day conference on social software, hardware hacking, and digital politics on June 6th in London. Cory Doctorow, Ian Clarke and Brewster Kahle will be speaking among others, and we have a bunch of other really interesting talks I think you'll like. Plus a bar where you're welcome to have an impromptu #joito meet-up. We even have a couple of panels you might be interested in joining!

I think you will get more from Notcon than any other activity during the first week of June. [WWW]Bernie

It's the 60th anniversary of D-Day (June 6) -- many events happening in Normandy. -- [WWW]John

Joi, since you will be in southern Italy, I suggest you take a break and tour Sicily. I'd suggest counter-clockwise. Beautiful landscapes, out-of-this-world architecture (see Noto and die), outlandish remains of the Mussolini era (see the post office in Agrigente and die laughing!), great food, beautiful weather... Whaddaya want? -- [WWW]dda

I also second visiting Sicily, especially Catania and Agrigento. It will be really hot though, but a dry hot. Or if you want, I can see if my family's farmhouse in Umbria is free. 2 hours North of Rome. Tiny town, no stop lights. 300 year old stone farmhouse. Pool. Driving distance to Assisi and Perugia and Rome of course. [WWW]Gen Kanai

Spend a week in Capri, is 30 mins powerboat from Naples, then fly to Helsinki

How about a blogger dinner in Paris? I'll be there from June 7 - 14. I want to invite and Clotilde of Chocolate and Zucchini and maybe we can kidnap michel_v also.... [WWW]Betsy Devine

The monthly blogger dinner is on June 2 see [WWW]ParisCarnet [WWW]François Granger

Ummm... I could set you up with some salmon fishing in England... I dunno, have you ever tried salmon fishing? [WWW]Hugh MacLeod

Come stay with me Joi, in Brighton. - PeteBW

Send your luggage ahead and hitchhike to Helsinki - StuartWoodward

Don't do anything. Go on holiday. hire a scooter. listen to gen kanai. - jones

Agree. [WWW] plus the Scooter. - bruno

The [WWW]PlaNetwork Conference is June 5th and 6th, but it's in San Francisco :) - leif

Come to Stockholm! At that time of the year, (almost) all-day sun and memorable moments in the Archipelago (plus the lovely cruise to Helsink). - Ludovic

Perhaps we could plan a Tallinn, EstoniaHappening? RossMayfield

Florence is on your way from Naples, I'll buy you a beer and show you some kick ass art'n'stuff - [WWW]Hammersley

Well, Toulouse is probably not quite on your way, and I'm hoping to miraculously make it to [WWW]Planetwork during that time. Otherwise, meeting bloggers in Paris would be a good thing. And take the ferry to Talinn/Estonia while you're in Helsinki. - [WWW]Flemming Funch

What about Siena. Go to Osteria da Trombicche - Via delle Terme, 66 in Siena, for the best local (as in pretty much only locals) lunch -- fresh giant porcini brochette, the best fresh anchovies in olive oil and fresh herbs (not salty, but sweet and fresh) with chopped parsley, the best bread salad. And for two people it's around 15 Euros to try about 5 things, with drinks and espresso at the end, plus something sweet. Outstanding. And then walk to the campo to see where they've been running the [WWW] Palio twice a year, for 802 years. The oldest of this sort of community fair events in the world. And the cathedral was the best one I saw in my Italy travels. Siena is magic. Mary Hodder

My vote is for Joi to go to NorthEastern Italy - the home of Paolo Valdemarin and his eVectors company. There Paolo will introduce Joi to the wonderful town of Trieste (ah mia bella!) The food, the history, the people - but best of all - the technology. Paolo (and his partner Matt Mowers) have developed a schema for plugging in topics into RSS feeds - called ENT. DUUUUUUUUUUUDES - everyone has to support this! And we all know that hwne it come to standards you need to kiss the ring of the true mafioso compadre - papa Doc himself - Joi Ito. [WWW]Marc Canter

hi - i'm from trieste and i'm arrived here thanks to joho. trieste is beautiful but it is of secondary 'beautifulness' (ahem sorry for poor english) compared to center and south of italy. if you're in naples you've to ogo to the rude but so tasty pizzeria where clinton was some years ago. then go to sorrento (great landscapes with a cost above the sea and great great food). then if you have time go to sicily (siracusa or palermo!!! not agrigento pfuah). best wine all over the world and beautiful shire in tuscany and, mostly, siena. write me if you want : emm - at - (i live in rome). bye

Pop over to NotCon in London, then come down the coast to Dorset and I'll introduce you to cream teas, iron age hill forts, stone circles, the Cerne Abbas Giant and tonnes of other ancient stuff you don't get to see every day. Not implying, of course, that the cream teas are ancient. Obviously. - [WWW]Suw

Visit Germany, Joi.

[WWW]Heiko Hebig (Six Apart Germany), [WWW]Nico Lumma ( and I would be happy to introduce you to the current german blogosphere in Hamburg. Ask [WWW]Loic about his visit here ... Just drop me a mail (see frontpage).

[WWW]Jim Basman - jimmiz journal

Skip the urban sightseeing (althoughI found Vienna and old-city Budapest the most fascinating); I say climb an Alp: Visit the observation sites at the Jungfrau or Schiltorn ([WWW]reviews). The world's high places are special; we should all have the chance to breathe deep and see far. ... I also think it's wonderful to simply drive and eat around the "lake district" SE of Salzburg, the Salzkammergut ([WWW]tourist bureau), although you are unfortunately too early for the Int'l Music Festival (July 1-5 this year). ... Get out of the cities and into the mountains and forests! Enjoy! [WWW]the RaptorMage

You Gotta See Rome via Robin Good's Motorino, Joi.

[WWW]Robin Good is like a combination of me (Howard Rheingold), Justin Hall, and Joi Ito. He's a native Roman, a born social networker, an online tools maven, and you haven't seen Rome unless you've had the tour on the back of his motorbike. Here's [WWW]His pix of him and me in Rome

Rome is waiting for you

If you are still thinking about it, don't. Here in Rome we would love to have you around and the lay-back, sunny spirit of this beautiful city will certainly make a good break for your hard-paced travelling. Night and day we can roam the city on our two wheels and shoot one of the best live videogames yet to be made. More than anything you will find here some really special people that are working in many wonderful ways to bring about the change we are all deeply seeking. The password is "SMI2LE", the username Robin."motorino".Good (Robin.Good at