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#joiito's World-wide New Years Party

I want to throw a world wide #joiito New Years party. Have multiple parties in different cities all around the world simultaneously. I want these parties to have wifi access and [WWW]hecklebots (we need to make a hecklebot that uses a computer instead of [WWW]Uclinux Embedded Platform.) If it is possible, it would be great to project #joiito on a wall at each party and have a computer that people could use to chat, for those who don't bring their own chatting devices.

If you are interested in this idea or have suggestions, put a comment. If you would like to host a part in an area that doesn't already have one, put up the details and blog about it. Let's get the word out to even non #joiito folks, the bigger the better.

I have also set up a [WWW]donation pool to help defray the costs, especially for us poor college students. I want these parties to be big, but that requires money. Some of us might need help in that department. So donate if you can and I will split up the money to those who decide to host a party.

Party Locations

Los Angeles-Orange County-San Diego

 1400 S. Highland Ave. #P202
 Fullerton, CA 92832

Other comments and ideas

nosaJ just reminded me of webcams. I had thought about that a few days ago while first coming up with this idea, but forgot about it while writing. We will need to set up webcam feeds for each party and a page with links to each locations feed. It will be awesome!