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There's an email list for #joiito regulars who'll be at SXSW Interactive. To join, send a blank email to

Party planning to follow!

Feel free to use this space to hook up at [WWW]SXSW


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I'm arriving in Austin at 4:05pm Fri 12th. Anyone want to have dinner? Leave a message here or on my voicemail. -- JoiIto

People's Schedules

Joi's Schedule
Adam's Schedule
Zacker's Schedule
Bopuc's Schedule
Argyle's Schedule
Adam Keys' Schedule
(All Your Bases Are Belong To Adams)
Jon Lebkowsky's Schedule
Adina Levin's schedule
Matt Mullenweg's Schedule
Tantek Çelik's Schedule
Jonas M Luster's Schedule
Betsy Devine's Schedule
Liz Lawley's Schedule
Ske3bal's Schedule
Wendy Seltzer's Schedule
Dan Hughes's Schedule

Ito'esque Events

Ideas for plans