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Let's track journalists, the good and the bad. ;-)

I was interviewed for two upcoming interviews/articles - which I'm curious about - who's publication dates are coming up:

- Esther Dyson's Nov. issue of Release 1.0 - is about social networking. So.....

- MIT's Technology Review has a bit on social networking and federated social networks. Publication date Nov. 17th

NOTE: I suspect both articles will be excellent and quote me accurately. That's just the impression I got. I usually can tell when a writer is gonna get it wrong or slime me.

- Marc Canter

Well, we know some absolutes, such as the great ones. Dan Gillmor comes to mind, as does his colleague, Dawn Chmielewski. The best one-two punch in technology journalism.

- Jim Griffin

Leander Kahney writes about technology for Wired news, but he sometimes doesn't "get it" and sometimes misunderstands the technology itself.