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I have borrowed a wiki page from Joi (thanks !) to help setup the German Tour I am making from March 8 to 12. If you do not know how to use a wiki (I am still learning and this page looks terrible, anyway I doubt you don't but, just have a look at the help it is well done or please ask me. The simplest is just to copy the syntax of another line if you want say to make a link and modify it when you are in edit mode.)

I would love to meet as many German bloggers as I can so if you could help me promote this trip and the dinners in the cities in Germany by posting it on your blogs if you like, I would really appreciate, thanks in advance !

Please add your comments in the below list, I have tried to gather the list of friends (and friends of friends ;=) in Germany but may have missed some of you I apologize in advance if it is the case, please correct me.

Anybody is welcome to join, of course, for heavy blogging discussions... and basically the definition we use for a friend here is a anybody blogging from Germany, right ?

Hope we can make it all work together !

Summary of friends by city (feel free to add your name !)


Heiko Hebig [WWW]http://www.hebig.com/

Jörg Heikhaus [WWW]http://www.heliumcowboy.com/

Miha Pogacnik [WWW]http://www.mihavision.com (talked about Miha [WWW]here

Torsten Jacobi [WWW]http://www.tjacobi.com/

Nico Lumma [WWW]http://blogg.lumma.de

Jim Basman [WWW]http://jimmiz.blogg.de/

kho [WWW]http://blog.k-ho.de/


Robert Basic [WWW]www.m-e-x.de/blog

Rainer Langenhan [WWW]http://log.handakte.de/

Stephan Meyer [WWW]http://www.m-e-x.de/blog


Silke Schümann (Backnang)[WWW]http://a2o.blogg.de/


Mario Sixtus [WWW]http://www.mehrzweckbeutel.de/

Haiko Hebig (Dortmund) [WWW]http://www.hebig.org/blog/

Siggi Becker [WWW]http://www.mehrzweckbeutel.de/ and [WWW]http://www.siggibecker.de/blog/

Daniel Koening [WWW]http://www.roninarts.de/weblog2/


Oliver Thylmann [WWW]http://oliver.thylmann.com

Felix Petersen [WWW]http://www.actioncontents.com/

Ingmar Bornholz [WWW]http://www.fredlog.de/

Stefan Kellner [WWW]http://www.no-information.de/

Christian Meyer (Leverkusen) [WWW]http://www.shell42.de/


Stefan Smalla [WWW]http://www.smalla.net/

Martin Röll [WWW]http://www.roell.net/weblog/

Marius Schulze [WWW]http://www.masterplan24.de/weblog

Potsdam & Berlin

Marius Schulze [WWW]http://www.masterplan24.de/weblog

Marcus Völkel [WWW]http://www.web-blog.net/

Don't remember which cities (sorry)

Roland Schatz [WWW]http://www.mediatenor.com

trip schedule:

Monday, March 8 - Munchen in the day, Frankfurt in the evening

please add your name here for the Frankfurt dinner, including your blog url if possible and bring blogger friends ;=)

Loïc Le Meur [WWW]http://u-blog.net/loic/

Robert Basic [WWW]http://www.m-e-x.de/blog

Stephan Meyer [WWW]http://www.m-e-x.de/blog

Silke Schümann [WWW]http://a2o.blogg.de/(cancled, sorry, maybe next time)

Tobias Schwarz [WWW]http://www.fistfulofeuros.net [WWW]http://almostadiary.de

Jacques Regnier [WWW]http://www.db.com

Ulrich Plate [WWW]http://www.ngenn.net

We will meet at 9PM in "Mephisto" / Street: Meisengasse 9 / Frankfurt - City / Phone: 069-288287

Thanks for having booked there, Robert, sorry about the late dinner (9PM) but I will be coming from Munchen I should be able to do 9PM if I have any problem please start the Dinner I may be just a little late but it should be OK -Loic

[http://www.basict.net/grafics/mephisto.jpg Map

(No.1=Mephisto - behind the parking block, No.2= Stock Exchange, No.3="Fressgasse" No.4 ="Zeil")]

Hotel information: I tried to book at the NH Hotel but unfortunately they are fully booked. I am finally booked at:

ArabellaSheraton Grand Hotel Konrad Adenauer Strasse 7, Frankfurt Am Main Frankfurt, Germany Germany (49)(69) 29810

UPDATED Tuesday, March 9 - Frankfurt in the day, private dinner in Hamburg instead of a dinner in Cologne (sorry), let's meet in Düsseldorf on thursday ? ***

I am available on tuesday morning if anybody wants to have a private meeting. -Loic

Sorry I had to reschedule to spend two days in Hamburg, so if you have put your name for Cologne, can you join us on thursday in Düsseldorf ?

Originally scheduled for Cologne but pls join us in Düsseldorf on thursday (sorry):

Haiko Hebig [WWW]http://www.hebig.org/blog/

(Mario Sixtus [WWW]http://www.mehrzweckbeutel.de/ In case the dinner in Düsseldorf won't take place, I'll come to Cologne)

Stefan Kellner [WWW]http://www.no-information.de/

Hotel information:

I'm staying at the NH Hotel for two nights, tel +4940432320 Feldstrasse 53-58 20357 Hamburg

Wednesday, March 10, Hamburg in the day, dinner in Hamburg #2

please add your name here for the Hamburg dinner, including your blog url if possible, and bring blogger friends ;=)

We have scheduled a blogger meeting at the Marktstube, Marktstr. 10, at 19:30 - we assume more people than listed here will show up... - Nico Fantastic ! -Loic

Loïc Le Meur [WWW]http://u-blog.net/loic/

Miha Pogacnik [WWW]http://www.mihavision.com

Nico Lumma [WWW]http://blogg.lumma.de

Heiko Hebig [WWW]http://www.hebig.com

Scott Hanson [WWW]http://www.papascott.de/

Lyssa [WWW]http://lyssaslounge.diaryland.com/

Alexander Svensson [WWW]http://www.wortfeld.de/

Malte Stretz [WWW]http://msquadrat.de/

Leif Koch [WWW]http://roadrunner.20six.de

Nicole Simon (Lübeck) http://beissholz.de/

Thursday, March 11, Hamburg in the day, dinner confirmed in Dusseldorf

Torsten Jacobi [WWW]http://www.tjacobi.com/ - Loic I would love to opt for a tall latte maybe 2.30 p.m. in the city center? --TJ with pleasure but basically I will have two or three appointments the next day so any chance we could do it earlier ? Or maybe a breakfast the other day ? Let's see... --Loic I'm just busy the evening of the 10th. I'll be fine with the 10th until 6 p.m. and 11th earlier in the morning. Let me know what works out best. --Torsten how about a breakfast on the 10th at 8:30AM at the NH Hotel Hamburg ?

please add your name here for the Dusseldorf dinner, including your blog url if possible, and bring blogger friends ;=)

Loïc Le Meur [WWW]http://u-blog.net/loic/

Oliver Thylmann (+ a Friend) [WWW]http://oliver.thylmann.com

Haiko Hebig [WWW]http://www.hebig.org/blog/ (or Cologne; equal distances)

Mario Sixtus [WWW]http://www.mehrzweckbeutel.de/ and [WWW]http://www.sixtus.net/

Richard Gleim [WWW]http://www.mehrzweckbeutel.de/

Dietmar Nass [WWW]http://www.mehrzweckbeutel.de/

Siggi Becker [WWW]http://www.mehrzweckbeutel.de/ and [WWW]http://www.siggibecker.de/blog/

Marco Medkour [WWW]http://automatictext.de/

Ingmar Bornholz [WWW]http://www.fredlog.de

Tobias Steinhoff [WWW]http://mactobias.de -> 21:45h

Ulrich Brinkamp

Could you recommend a hotel in Düsseldorf with wi-fi or DSL and possibly a restaurant where we could meet ? Thanks ! -Loic

I stayed at the Courtyard Marriott in the Harbour: http://marriott.com/property/propertyPage.mi?marshaCode=DUSHF Speditionstr. 11 Duesseldorf, 40221 Germany, Phone: 49 211-49390 Fax: 49 211-49392000 It has fast Wifi in the bar downstairs, or had at least half a year ago. - [WWW]Oliver

You'll find a list of wifi enabled hotels [WWW]here. [WWW]Mario

For the dinner I suggest the "Schwan" in the harbour quarter [WWW]Map Let's say at 21:00 h? I'll reserve a table as soon we can overview how many bloggers will be there. So everyone: press 'edit' and enter your name. [WWW]Mario

Thanks Mario, let's all meet at 9PM at the "Schwan" ! I will be back from Gutersloh so I expect not to be able to do 8PM (sorry) -Loic

There is a table booked on the name Sixtus for 12-15 people from 21:00h. So, if anyone decides spontaneously to join us, there should be enough chairs. In the case we are more than 15 we can simply play "Journey to Jerusalem" =8-)

Friday, March 12, Dusseldorf in the day, to be confirmed

Friday night back home, exhausted but happy :=p Thank all for your interest