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Important Notes

(Thanks, James & Cory & All for combining the [WWW]London bloggers get together and this May 12th evening !) Note: as I do not have my own wiki pages, I borrowed one from Joi, but Joi will probably not be there -Loic

IMPORTANT: Please read LondonBlogmeet for the mail i sent out to everyone attending -- if you didn't get it, then you didn't email me!


London bloggers get together on Wednesday 12th May, 2004, from about 7.30pm (or earlier, depending on venue time). The venue is the [WWW]international bar.

Other info

Might be an idea to add hotel and travel information here.

If you like this you may well be interested in [WWW]NotCon too (London tech policy meet Jun 6th) and [WWW]Copyright Vs. Community - May 20th, a day of free lectures hosted by Ravensbourne College.

Definite Attenders


Any blogger welcome. If you are not a blogger and want to join the only request is that you start your blog in the 12 hours following this evening ;=)

If you would be interested in getting together for a London bloggers dinner on Wednesday, May 12, please add your name here, and thank you in advance !

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