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Hello Everyone!

I thought i'd send you all a quick email to give you some final information about how the blog meet will work, and so on. Please print out, memorize, or generally be prepared. :)

What, When and Where: Party, Wednesday 12 May, 2004, The International Bar

The Inaugural Joi Ito and Friends London BlogMeet. Festivities should kick off Wednesday night at about 7:30pm, and I have arranged for us to have a license till 2am. (I should note that I am not to blame for anyone who misses their transport home due to late-night drinking :)). We're going to be having our party at The International Bar, [WWW] The International Bar & Restaurant is situated at the bottom of Saint Martins Lane in the heart of the West End, overlooking Trafalgar Square. Directions are here - - and it's very close to Leicester Square and Charing Cross underground stations. We're going to have a space just for us at the bar - so it'll be quite intimate. (in other words, we can talk about blogging and not feel stupid ;))

Costs, Food, etc??

I have arranged a canapés menu of the following:

Thai Vegetable spring rolls, Crab cakes with chilli and lime, Javanese chicken skewers, Salmon and cucumber rolls, Goat's cheese and dried tomato crostini, Mushroom and Parmesan arrancinni. It will cost £15 for everyone who is partaking, and i have a list of you all, so i know ;) I'd appreciate if you can come find me during the course of the evening and settle up. The bar is up to you. I apologize it seems kind of expensive, but this was the most cost-effective option I could find. For those not interested in the canapés menu, I won't be asking for any financial contribution.

We're at about 40-50 people right now, which is more or less the venue's capacity, if we want to keep everyone in the same place. You're more than welcome to invite others, but please let me know - I have the canapés based on the number of requesting attendees.

Apart from that, I don't think there are any other pieces of information i need to impart to you right now, however if you have any queries, feel free to email me at, or on the night, call me at 07968 349990.

Looking forward to meeting you all!

-- James Cox - james (at) imajes (dot) info -