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I'm planning on arriving in the UK from Italy June 6. Anyone want to get together? -- JoiIto Daft question, Joi. ;-) Yes, I'll be up for it, for sure. I'm in London tomorrow, I'll have a think about venues for it. -- Suw

Further to last night's conversation Joi, I'll definitely come up for it -- PeteBW

thanks to all!

The Plan

Let's meet up at 6.30-7.00pm in the bar at Imperial College Union, [WWW]Imperial College Union, (Beit Quad, Prince Consort Road, South Kensington SW7 2BB, South Ken/Gloucester Rd), and then move en masse to the Anglesea Arms - [WWW]15 Selwood Terrace, South Kensington, SW7 3QG, (or the Windsor Castle). - Suw

Venue Requests

Quiet and able to move around and talk. -- JoiIto

Somewhere in the West End please (there are a few clubs around Soho that would fit the bill - happy to book something if needed...) -- PeteBW

Can it be after 7.30pm? I'm tied up with [WWW]NotCon ( until then, and I suspect a lot of other people will be as well. Also, you do realise that there will be 10 Formula One cars blasting around central London from 6pm so NOWHERE will be quiet! -- Ewan Spence

Ewan, I believe that the Formula One [WWW]race on Regent St is on July 6 -- Max Niederhofer

Venue Possibilities

Please add, comment or otherwise indicate preference. I've picked mainly pubs in the Kensington area so that it's easier for those at NotCon. Also favouring pubs with a beer garden of some description on the assumption that it will be quieter outside than inside. Trouble is, haven't been to any of these so can't say from experience. -- Suw

[WWW]Anglesea Arms (South Ken), has seating outside and serves food

[WWW]Cumberland Arms 29 North End Road, W14 8SZ, (West Ken), does food, has wireless, can be booked (if we get that organised)

>>Comment: not sure about the wireless i live just across the street, and i've never picked up any wireless connection here.

[WWW]Old Parrs Head 120 Blythe Road (Kensington/Olympia), Thai food, outside seating

[WWW]Churchhill arms

(Just off high st ken)

Best thai food in london, unbelievable place, like nothing else

* Anglesea Arms is a great place, we know it [WWW]Adriana Cronin

* Ewan suggested that as a number of us will be going to NotCon, that we meet initially at the [WWW]Imperial College Union, (Beit Quad, Prince Consort Road, South Kensington SW7 2BB, South Ken/Gloucester Rd), and we could then move en masse to, say, the Anglesea Arms. Seems like a sensible plan to me. - Suw

* I like Ewan and Suw's plan (Imp College Union). The West End will be a nightmare with the Grand Prix on. The Churchill Arms is good, but it's always pretty busy and crowded. Near there is [WWW]The Windsor Castle on Camden Hill Road, which has good food and a large beer garden. I'd only go there if the weather was good, though. -Hugh • Churchill Arms is brilliant but busy and not well laid out for groups of more than 3 or 4. So another vote for Ewan & Suw's plan + Windsor Castle beer garden, all within easy post-NotCon ambling distance. -[WWW]Sal

Who's coming?

As we did with Loic, be good to have a list of who's up for it so we can get some idea of numbers.

* JoiIto - Phone: +1-650-861-2169

* [WWW]Hugh MacLeod a.k.a. gapingvoid
had a terrific time and lotsa great conversations. And great to meet you in person at last, Joi =)

* [WWW]Suw

* PeteBW

* [WWW]Seyed

* [WWW]Ewan

* [WWW]Jim provided that it's easy to do post-[WWW]NotCon

* [WWW]gerard aka insert coin

* [WWW]bunny aka Stephanie liked it a lot, but is SO annoyed she had a cold and was a little under the weather...

* [WWW]gene (if my family agrees that meeting a bunch of bloggers is a valid use of vacation time ;-D

* [WWW]me of course, i wouldn't miss it for the world :)

* [WWW]snowchyld enjoyed it thoroughly

* raku

* [WWW]Adriana

* [WWW]Perry de Havilland

* [WWW]Matt I was going to go to NotCon, and I'd like to come along and meet Joi and some UK bloggers. Someone please let me know though if this isn't really an open invite and I mis-read the etiquette of organising in public!

* You're welcome to join us Matt -- JoiIto

* [WWW]Saltation ditto

* [WWW]Rafe Same as Matt for me

* [WWW]Azeem

* [WWW]Jonathan subject to the usual NotCon proviso etc etc.

* [WWW]Max s.t. girlfriend consent

* [WWW]Tom Coates - assuming that I'm not too bloody wiped out from work/NotCon/attempts to do cool things with life

* [WWW]Howard Not sure I'll know anyone, so might have to bring a support buddy - but if it's an open event to those who read Joi's blog I'm up it - possibly. Any idea on a venue yet? please email me at Thanks

* [WWW]Tom Morris will attend if his mind (or laptop) does not explode from the geekery of the day.

* [WWW]Tom Reynolds (There are too many Tom's in the world) would like to attend if that is alright (and if my leave is granted for Notcon).

* [WWW]Gavin Bell post notcon yes

* [WWW]cbrody will probably be there

* [WWW]meikel post notcon probably yes

* [WWW]jyri will be there post notcon

* [WWW]jan will be there post notcon

* a passing [WWW]evangineer post notcon

* [WWW]eric will be there post notcon

* [WWW]mike jones aka imsickofmaps came and had fun

Photos, Reports, Write-Ups, and Stuff

If you were there and blogged about it, or posted photos, add the link below!

* [WWW]fan-tas-tic for Gerard, who also took [WWW]photographs

* [WWW]Hugh's meetup report

* [WWW]Mike's meetup report

* [WWW]Stephanie's UK trip report (meetup in there)

* [WWW]Suw's meetup report

* [WWW]brief meetup notes from Matt - great to meet you all.