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How has the healthcare/medical sector been affected by social software? How are healthcare institutions and patients adapting social software to their needs?


*Prescription Desk Reference, [WWW]Prescription Drug Information:


World Health Care Congress wiki,


When I was at MedScape, we spent lots of money on consumer "tools" for managing diet (), exercise, etc. - got very few users.

I visited someone at an HMO during this time to talk about online tools, like , to help remind people to follow their doctors orders (e.g. take their meds), and he said "all of my asthma emergency room visits are from the urban poor - no online service is going to change that behavior".

PeterSmall did some prototype work on trying to improve the market for info on new cancer treatments. Originally thought it could be a bootstrapped operation, but then concluded that to build a critical mass of attention from patients would require significant resources, so original model wouldn't fly.

Privacy rules make it hard for data to be shared by people.

If state governments would put online systems tracking complaints about doctors, this could be a good bootstrap for public recommendation services. But I doubt the medical associations will let that happen.

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