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How has the small business sector been affected by social software? How are entrepreneurs adapting social software to their needs?



iGenerator is a french experience of driving the innovation and small ventures through wiki... Launched on 8 january 2004, we are currently searching our game rules and some new contributors. Joi, may I invite you and your guests to come and visit us (talk in english !) on -- ChristopheDucamp

I have started 3 offline small businesses over the last year and they are all making a super profit. I am up to 11 employees. I have recently started an online small for my wife to feel like she is more involved. My question is - I am not terribly tech savvy and would like it if someone could post a link to thorough information about starting your own wiki on your personal website. Is it php based? I have just put up a phpbb forum, and it is running fine... so I think I might could manage installing and understanding wiki to. Any help would be greatly appreciated and sorry if my comments are formatted incorrectly or sound extremely elementary. Thanks.

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