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Here's a recent spiel on [WWW]OpenReviews. - marc

Describe OpenReviews here.

OpenReviews is an idea - based upon work done by Alf Eaton - to create shared, open Reviews. Tucows has said they'll host these shared Reviews - and Blogware has already shipped a version of it. Laszlo Systems is also working on compatible tool to create and browse Reviews.

The current spec is based upon [WWW]RVW - which is an RSS 2.0 namespace extension, but Danny Ayers has brought up an rdf equivalent he created.

OpenReviews is such a ad hoc effort that we don't even have a Wiki yet. The mail list isn't very active - yet - but it will be - just as soon as we......

[WWW]TOOL: The Open Opinion Layer is an article in First Monday describing the motivation and long-term effects of something like OpenReviews.


Interesting that this is finally starting to take off. I've been trying to get traction around this now for a while now.

I have a lot of work in this area that I haven't published yet including a repute exchange protocol I worked into NewsMonster which is on top of RSS. I don't think review info should be an RSS module for a number of technical reasons including feed bloat.

The Atom spec has support for linking which is something I pushed forwards with in RSS 1.0 so you can actually link to your ratings file (in NewsMonster this is an ORCF file).

There's been allot of discussion on this idea - off-list so to speak. - Marc