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Party in the Washington DC Area July 7, 2003 6PM

A quick thanks to all that attended - I didn't get a chance to shake hands and collect cards and stories from everyone, but I hope it was a good experience for all, despite the bits of confusion. -- roj

[WWW]Casablanca in Old Town Alexandria clearly had more votes so we have decided to have the party there. RogerWood has volunteered to take care of the negotiations with the venue. (Thanks!) Minimum number is 45 people, max is 200. But, we need to try estimate the number in advance. There are tables, 12 alcoves and a "milling around" area in the middle. -- JoiIto

Full Moroccan buffet (breads, salads, appetizers, meats, spicy and not so spicy, desserts) will be $21.95 per person + drinks + tax + tip. Identify yourself as with the "Joi Ito" party (we may not be alone in the room, but we will certainly be noisier). There will be a dance performance at 7:30pm. If you have any questions or need help with the local terrain, [MAILTO]mail me -- RogerWood.

Dress is casual.

A bunch of people are in DC for the [WWW]Supernova conference on July 7-9. Let's have a party on the evening of the 7th and invite local DC bloggers and anyone else who wants to join us.

  1. Who's Coming
  2. Stuff that needs to be done
  3. People willing to do stuff
  4. Venue Feature Requests
  5. The Venue
  6. Other Suggested Venues
  7. Venue Chart
  • The Links!
  • Who's Coming

    Please add your name and names of wiki-illiterates who you know are planning to come
    1. [WWW]Joi Ito OK both 7th and 9th

    2. [WWW]Marko Ahtisaari 7th confirmed - will be there

    3. [WWW]Jason DeFillippo 7th is better for me

    4. [WWW]Matt Devost

    5. [WWW]Ross Mayfield 7th works, maybe 9th

    6. [WWW]Anil Dash

    7. [WWW]Matt Croydon - either day for me

    8. [WWW]Trevor Hill - either is fine

    9. [WWW]Cory Doctorow - either day is fine

    10. [WWW]David Raynes Both days are fine.

    11. [WWW]Mena Trott 7th is OK, maybe 9th

    12. [WWW]Jeff Fay 7th is fine.

    13. [WWW]Jorge Arango

    14. [WWW]Dan Gillmor 9th is better, can show up late on the 7th

    15. [WWW]Andy Laken - either day works

    16. [WWW]Liz Lawley - both days are fine for me

    17. [WWW]Nikolaj Nyholm

    18. [WWW]Alex Payne - Either day works.

    19. [WWW]Allan Karl - Either day works for me.

    20. [WWW]Ahmar Abbas - [WWW]Blog

    21. [WWW]Sam Ruby - Could make 7th, can't make 9th

    22. [WWW]Bill Kearney - Either day works for me.

    23. [WWW]Jeffrey Shapard - Either ok.

    24. [WWW]John Ko - either day works.

    25. [WWW]Chris Abraham - I guess I am a newbie but thanks Scott Burns for letting me know!

    26. [WWW]Kevin Werbach - Either day, and this [WWW]Supernova thing sounds interesting....

    27. [WWW]David Sidman Will be there - thanks

    28. [WWW]Alan Reiter - I'd love to come. Either day is fine.

    29. [WWW]Roger "rojisan" Wood - Casablanca or Carlyle Grand Cafe

    30. Alisha Reay

    31. Guest of Alisha

    32. Second guest of Alisha

    33. [WWW]Thomas Vander Wal - either fine

    34. [WWW]Scott Johnson - either fine

    35. [WWW]Beth Mazur - either fine

    36. David Pickering - Either Day is fine for me.

    37. [WWW]Simon Phipps - 7th (Monday) evening confirmed, will bring 1 guest (female, [WWW]Halley!)

    38. [WWW]Jeff Alexander Prefer the 7th, but the 9th should be OK

    39. [WWW]Joe Hildebrand - The 7th shounds good to me.

    40. [WWW]Greg Ritter - The 7th works!

    41. [WWW]Derek Willis - either works, the 9th would be better

    42. [WWW]Henry Farrell The 7th works for me; can't make the 9th.

    43. [WWW]Skarlet Either day, any location works for me, although I'm still not sure if I'll be able to make time for Supernova itself

    44. [WWW]Matt Mahoney

    45. [WWW]Adina Levin

    46. [WWW]Scott Heiferman

    47. [WWW]Adam Rice

    48. [WWW]Bob Stratton - If only Casablanca had pistachio hookahs...

    49. [WWW]Sarah Lai Stirland

    50. [WWW]Scott Rafer - found a place

    51. [WWW]Kenneth Neil Cukier

    52. [WWW]Clay Shirky

    53. [WWW]Amy Wohl

    54. [WWW]Marshall Wohl (Amy's husband)

    55. [WWW]Jon Schull didn't think I could make it. Seems I can! NOT. oh well

    56. [WWW]Douglas Barnes

    57. [WWW]Kim Polese

    58. [WWW]Ellen Levy

    59. [WWW]Maciej Wisniewski heard about it from Marko, thanks.

    60. [WWW]Kris Ramanathan heard about it from Marko, thanks.

    61. [WWW]Ellen Moody

    62. [WWW]Jim Moody

    63. [WWW]Phil Leif

    64. [WWW]Ken Kumakura

    65. [WWW]Peter Wayner

    66. [WWW]Don Weightman

    67. [WWW]Geoff Cohen

    68. [WWW]Jeff Pulver

    69. [WWW]Jeff Gates

    70. [WWW]Tom Ngo

    71. [WWW]Arnold Kling

    72. [WWW]Mike Wasylik sans baby, spouse, and camera, all of which will be in NYC Monday.

    73. [WWW]Phil Leggiere

    74. [WWW]Halley Suitt

    75. [WWW]John Scott

    76. [WWW]Drew Peloso late entrant...look forward to (finally) meeting so many of you.

    77. Bryan Quinn

    78. [WWW]Lex Gibson Should be around late.

    79. [WWW]Rob "RS" Seastrom Will try to make it.

    80. [WWW]Candy Lightner I'll be their!

    Stuff that needs to be done

    People willing to do stuff

    Venue Feature Requests

    The Venue

    [WWW]Casablanca in Old Town Alexandria Good food, large, mostly-open room with alcoves. Walking distance to King Street metro (rail/bus access) and relatively close to the beltway (with free parking) for anyone else in the area. Family restaurant (under 21 ok), bar (alcohol ok), meat (lamb, chicken, beef - Atkins ok), vegetarian ok.

    Address is 1504 King Street, Alexandria, Virginia. This is 3.5 miles or 5 rail stops south of the Hyatt for Supernova.

    Driving directions: Take the Washington Beltway to Exit 177C-B-A toward Mount Vernon Highway. Merge onto Route 1/South Patrick Street Northbound. Turn left (west) onto King Street/Virginia Route 7. [WWW]Map. Parking is available on the street and in a private lot behind the restaurant accessible from Peyton Street.

    Metro directions: Take Metro Bus 9A to Pentagon Station, then Yellow or Blue Metro Rail to King Street Station. Approx fare: $2.50. Approx time: 20 minutes. Casablanca is two blocks east of the King Street Metro. Look for a green awning on the south side of the street.

    Approximate cab fare: $8-$10.

    Other Suggested Venues

    Venue Chart

    Please increment votes. Subtract from votes if you are against venues. Please help me fill out the table. -- JoiIto
    Venue 211 Serves Alcohol Distance2 Type of Food Price Range URL Notes Votes
    Sequoia ? Yes ~5mi American bistro + seafood $8-25 [WWW]link Nice restaurant with nicer view. 0
    Chi-Cha Lounge ? Yes ~5.5mi Tapas: Spanish appetizers/small plates ? [WWW]link Latin jazz club and hookah bar in one! 1
    Dragonfly Yes Yes 5.25mi Sushi and other Japanesy Stuff $15+ [WWW]link Techno-chic sushi bar, minimal futuristic white interior. Very cool, great food, but often too noisy for conversation. 0
    18th Street Lounge No Yes ~5.5mi Doesn't really serve food ? [WWW]link The (supposedly) premier "downtempo" club. Snobby: nobody underdressed admitted! 0
    The Blue Room Probably Yes ~6mi Various Nouvelle ? [WWW]link Elegant, slightly "euro" bar and restaurant in one of DC's livelier neighborhoods. Closed Mondays - someone needs to check this. 1
    Carlyle Grand Cafe Yes Yes ~2 mi. "high energy bistro" 10-20 [WWW]link In Arlington/Shirlington. Always rated high. Also Capital City Brewery next door [WWW]link. 1
    Cities Yes Yes ~6 mi. "hip, fun, good food" 8-30 [WWW]link In Adams Morgan. Used to go there all the time when I lived in DC. 1
    Casablanca Yes Yes 3.5mi Moroccan Buffet $21.95+drinks+tax+tip [WWW]link Old Town Alexandria. 2 blocks from King St Metro. 4
    Jaleo Yes Yes 4mi Spanish tapas depends [WWW]link In DC, 1 block from Gallery Place/MCI or Archives metro 3

    1. Allows people under 21 to attend

    2. Distance from Venue

    The Links!