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The Future of the Internet

Joichi Ito


Social Software

Web Services / XML

Mobile Devices

Presence / Identity

Honorable Joi-san

If I can be just so honorable as you-san, and make a couple of suggestions - as to the future of the Internet. This is especially relevant to one who is associated with the Portal Advisory Comm.

1. Portals will be built using XML. This 'lingua franca' will enable many disparate modules (message boards, emails, IM, news, etc.) - to integrate, aggregate and provide appropriate levels of customization - along with social networking, cell phone and PDA interfacing. Web services (which are now separate from portals) will merge seamlessly with portals - the MyBlah Blah Blah interface - which is how most humans interact with the web. Though these individual web servcies (such as Google, Amazon, eBay) will continue to flourish, the portal will take on a new importance - as long as it reads and writes XML. MyYahoo got it right, it's just needs to be in XML.

2. I assume you will talk about emerging standards for digital identity, such as Liberty Alliance and WS-*, but that you will ALSO plug the FOAF folks - who are developing an OPEN approach to digital identity standards. Hai! Gambatte kudasai!

- Marc Canter