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[WWW]Sebastien Paquet now works for the National Research Council of Canada (NRC)'s [WWW]Institute for Information Technology.

He was(?)a professor in the [WWW]Departments of Computer Science and Operations Research at [WWW]Universite de Montreal.

Weblog readers know him for his weblog, [WWW]Seb's Open Research and articles on [WWW]kuro5hin:

Along with LizLawley, ClayShirky, DavidWeinberger, and RossMayfield, he writes / is an editor for the [WWW]Corante weblog ManyToMany on SocialSoftware. He also contributes to the (French language) ConstellationW3 weblog on IT and society.

Although his papers can be found in scholary journals, he also publishes some of his research, e.g., Personal Knowledge Publishing and its Uses in Research, Oct. 2002 in his weblog, perhaps, because he believes that [WWW]Scholarly journals are not where the interesting action is!

He maintains a list of blogging researchers at

He rates a [WWW]page on MeatballWiki, and DavidGurteen notes that Seb is a [WWW]Community Member on the [WWW]Gurteen Knowledge Website. It is unknown whether he has been "slashdotted."