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Sony Open Forum Speech 2004


The Internet has cut the cost of distributing media. Advances in hardware technologies have put professional quality production and editing tools in the hands of the general public. Sales of major label CDs are noticeably decreasing and the spending habits of the youth have shifted from the consumption of mass produced content, such as CDs, to interactive content, such as games and karaoke, and to content which they produce themselves such as messaging and photographs. As the media industry continues to try to protect its assets by investing in technologies that are clearly more costly and difficult to use, new technologies that enable the public to produce and share their content more easily such as weblogs and photo sites are rallying around open standards and showing explosive growth. Is the production of content and the mass distribution of this content via controlled distribution channels going to survive? What will be the keys to success and how will it change? Is there an overlap of the producer/consumer and the media consumption worlds and how do they interact?


Technologies that support non-traditional content production and distribution

On media awareness, how are they taking in what you're saying right now? On the future of media, how do new developments affect conferences like the one they're at now (eg wireless backchannels) --JohnAbbe