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I made a mistake! I had my dates wrong. I am available on the 13th, not the 12th! I hope I haven't screwed this up for people...

Let's do lunch on the 13th. I think it makes the most sense. It sounds like we should just meet at noon at Kulturhuset. See you there! My phone number is +1-650-861-2169 -- JoiIto

Any time works for me -- KimA

I am in too :). Just name the time/place -- Dimo

I'm there... somewhere. If the weather is nice there's an outdoor cafe/restaurant at the top of Kulturhuset right in the centre of Stockholm. Actually, there's an indoor cafe up there as well. /Rikard

Great idea. See you at [WWW]Kulturhuset, and bring some sun with you! -- Ludovic

Yep. Kulturhuset is great. -- KimA

By sheer coincidence, an official blogger's picnic has already been announced for Saturday afternoon - see The place: -test- Ten minutes from absolute center of Stockholm by tube, on the shore of Lake Mälaren. A number of people have signed up already. Exact place and instructions for how to get their will be posted on Friday. Bring something to eat and drink; you're most welcome! - Jonas

Joi, sorry to piggyback on your blog...I've cancelled my trip to Stockholm, Helsinki, and Estonia this summer and am looking to do a "virtual tour" at my [WWW]blog instead. Anyone interested in participating? I'll send more info if you email evelyn (at) korugroup (dot) com. Have a great rozyczka time at the picnic!

What is the occassion in Stockholm then, how come we are honored with your visit Joi? // [WWW]Manne

I would be happy to meet up with you and other bloggers in Stockholm! The bar/café at the top of Kulturhuset is a great place if the weather is OK. // [WWW]Erik

I suggest we meet at the bottom entrance at Plattan -- KimA

Coming. but why the bottom entrance at plattan? Why not the main entrance? (if that is not what you meant). --[WWW]Dimo

Joi, are you comiog to the picnic? If not, i hope we won't have to choose between you. The early evening, after the picnic, would be the best time for a lot of us I think.

Kulturhuset is a magnificient bulding, but the café serves dull and expensive in my experience. // [WWW]David Weman

hey joi, it's pity i'm not in stockholm right now..but we are doing a project in berlin at the WOS3 conference which I think you'd like:

I'll show if the weather isn't too bad (Doesn't look promising right now...) [WWW]Roine

I will show up if I just can manage to wake up in time. :) --[WWW]Jon

Well the 13th works too. That means I can go back to sleep! (10:35) ;) --[WWW]Dimo

I can come sunday, too. // [WWW]Erik

Sunday is perfect. Hey, we must all be big sleepers. I saw this and went back to sleep at 10:00 and just woke up (14:00) :) -- KimA

Had a great time! Interesting conversations that kept coming back to the issue of user authetication. -- [WWW]KimA

I had a great time too! Thanks for the brain-workout and nice conversations everyone :) --[WWW]Dimo

That was a nice sunday. Almost scary how everyone were agreeing about everything. We all fit the same geek profile. :) Pictures are now available at (under a creative commons license of course). --[WWW]Jon