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Official Wiki Page for TechnoBot a bot that helps you keep in touch with your [WWW]cosmos

[WWW]version 0.21 available on SourceForge

Joi's Technorati Jabber Alert System and Technorati Cosmos Sidebar Maker

Technobot (Copyright 2003, Joichi Ito) This program is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License


This python script will retrieve the technorati cosmos for a URL via the technorati API. It will create a file containing html that can be included in the sidebar of a blog showing a list of recent inbound links via technorati.

The script also keeps a hash table of inbound links and creation dates and will email you and send you a jabber chat message if there are any new inbound links.

This script requires the irclib, jabber, Crypto and technorati python modules

You will need to get an API key from Technorati and include it in a file. See documentation in pytechnorati.

Go to [WWW]IRC Freenode #technobot to talk about technobot.


Just install on a machine that has an smtp server and your blog running on it. Call it from cron at a time interval of your choice. I run it every 10 minutes.

Required Modules and Resources

Things to do


Version Information

GPL License


Disclaimers, Excuses and Thanks

I wrote this script in the cab, during meetings, on the plane, in the airport and in a variety of random situations.

This is my first python script and is ugly and embarassing.

Thanks to DavidSifry for helping me work out my bugs and for pushing me to release this code now instead of "cleaning it up".

Thanks to Sen for helping me learn python.

Thanks to MarkPilgrim and [WWW]diveintopython for making learning python easy.