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I've got a prototype Hecklebot working using a [WWW]Pro-Lite TruColorII PL-M2014R LED Sign and a small embedded uClinux platform.

The display is 28" wide and 4.25" high and displays 16 5x7 characters at a time, in a scrolling display.

http://www.toyz.org/images/tiny-hecklebot-stand.jpg http://www.toyz.org/images/sm.heckleproto2.jpg

The UcHeckle package is fairly small and transportable, consisting of:

More info can be found here: http://www.toyz.org/cgi-bin/wiki.cgi/HeckleBot

Links and More Info


The PL-M2014R LED signs are available at my local Office Depot with RS-232 cable for $208 (while supplies last, a few left in stock). The following web site says it has used ones for $125: I've seen the signs on Ebay for under $100 ($160 Buy It Now).


-- DavidBeckemeyer