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I'm going to start playing with VideoBlogging with [WWW]helloNetwork.

Let's talk about it here.


Tim - hello@tokyo - I'll take care of the infrastructure reqs, hosting and tweakings and post some links for quick and dirty qa testings.

Pretty excited to get started. Any idea when I can start playing around with this stuff Tim? -- JoiIto 2003-06-23 17:00:44 JST


  1. Definitions from hello (just to make typing easier)
  2. Tasks
    1. For HelloNetwork
    2. For Joi

Definitions from hello (just to make typing easier)


For HelloNetwork

  1. (OPEN) Setup virtual directory for Joi's media, players and manifests --- any choice of name ??? we have,, usable -- so can be anything in that context -- like

  2. (OPEN) Setup EA and establish decks/profiles

  3. (OPEN) Setup PSCP publisher/renamer for Joi's decks

  4. (OPEN) Setup simple test page outside the blog for verification

  5. (OPEN) Build JoiVCA and establish file/manifest locations - test on Au

For Joi

  1. Get Au phone

  2. Shoot lots of video