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Wiki gardening is the process of incrementally editing a wiki space to preserve continuity, make additional connections and links, and otherwise clean it up to be more consistent.

In a public wiki such as this one with no clear topical intent, it is the role of the wiki gardener to encourage good behavior by example and to somehow carve out a set of niches that a variety of mostly independent parties can work with.

In a private wiki aimed at a specific topic or task to be accomplished, the wiki gardener may have a more formal role in the organization; or they may simply be the person who has more of the wiki in their head than anyone else and who can make sense from an initial brothy soup.

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Comments on this topic

Cool Ito. At [WWW]Projeto Metafora we call "wiki cleaner" or [WWW]faxineiro wiki in portuguese. July, 02, 2003 - PR

Hi Ito, I also decided to start naming these new functions and job roles on a online decentralized community like our wiki on [WWW]Projeto Metafora. I think that a new relation in teamworking is emerging and wiki gardening (or [WWW]faxineiro wiki)and other simple but timely tasks could emerge as "beginners' way" inside a "sempai-kohai" (master-pupil) style of learning and "professional" formation :-) July, 02, 2003 - Tupi

I am new at this. Is this wiki/blog about Gardening ie. - or about Wiki's?

It is a wiki, not a blog, and the topic is wiki gardening, which is a term used for cleaning up the content of a wiki. Wikis need a term for this activity, and wiki gardening is an excellent one, in English anyway.