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Since you can have a wiki about weblogs or a weblog about wikis, joining the words to describe the hybrid, fails, even though [WWW]WikiWeblog makes a WikiWord and [WWW]BillSeitz used it as early as September 1999.

[WWW]Injektilo suggests the term, "Bloki", in August 2002

By April 2003, it would seem that [WWW]bloki is a proprietary name. So, to avoid the snares of commerce, have a WikiWord, retain the hybrid description, yet avoid confusion over function, how about [WWW]WikiBlog?

Nope, the folks over at MeatballWiki don't like the Blog ending! "Blog is a dreaded meme." However, [WWW]WikiLog seems acceptable.

So, please forgive Joi :) for using "bloki" to describe [WWW]his attempt at integrating wikiness and blogness."

[WWW]John Abbe notes that Vanilla was probably the first WikiLogEngine. [WWW]His list which he mistakenly :) calls WikiWeblogs includes a sampling of WikiLogs and WikiLogEngines.

John also notes that as more features are combined, e.g. PIM + Weblog + Wiki, one basically begins to encounter the field of [WWW]ContentManagementServers.

For french speaking people, there's a page about WikiLog at [WWW]CraoWiki

I do prefer the term WikiWeblog :) , and have a list at [WWW]YpsiEyeball:PublicWikiWeblogs -- MarkDilley

In WikiEwok a WikiLog is known as a [WWW]Bliki. MeatballWiki reports that WardCunningham also uses this term.