Frank Boosman

» June 5, 2003 @ 08:25


Today the photos are larger. Maybe the page is too heavy for dialup, but on broadband bigger is better.

broadband might be better for bigger, but screen realestate is still at a premium. Larger photos are making the left column shove the important stuff off the right side of my browser...

3 - david a smith

Geeze - who is this guy? Can you say "nerd in a suit?" I knew you could...

Ben: Hmm... Didn't change anything...

Matt: hmm... The photo is resized on the sidebar. It shouldn't shift anything. What browser/OS are you using?

David: ;-P

If the David Smith thinks I'm a nerd, wow, I'm honored. It's as if Neal Stephenson were to call me a writer. Cool! Thanks.

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