Yard work

» April 15, 2004 @ 18:49


that machine brings back memories of my granfather; he would plant beans this time of year;


2 - MostlyVowels

Uh, are you sure you selected the right article when ordering from that gardening tools on-line shop?
As that contraption's white wheels are still squeaky clean, I assume you just took delivery and unpacked the thing.
Hint: a lawn *mower* is supposed to mow the grass, not to eradicate it... :-)

Is it the new Sony-Ericsson bluetooth car ??

Ah man, I didn't really like gardening when I was a kid, but I seriously enjoyed when my mom made me run the rototiller every spring.

It is nice you have garden to be able to garden by tractor.

Nice legs, get some sun man!

My wife Sukie recommends Cornell's gardening site as a great repository for information

time to pull the cover off that thing and turn some earth!

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