June 2003 Archives
Foggy Mountains
This fish has 2 mouths!
It's dead now
These fish are still alive
Today's inn
Piipo-kun on turtle
Boris and Jim
Shooting back at Oki
Pia Digital Ticket Demo
View from Roppongi Hills
Button Shrimp
Swiss Lunch
Meeting at DBJ
Birthday Presents
The kids arrived
The Truth
Tower Record's Sake
Happy Birthday to me!
Anago w/Yuzu ...YUM!
Komazawa Restaurant
The thermal SARS-O-Meter
Back in rainy Tokyo
Lucky JAL next door has 802.11
B'fast sashimi
Drinkin' in the mornin'
We're in a hurry...
Our faithful navigator
Mizuka driving me to airport
Charging up for Finland trip
Mr. Privacy Report Gohsuke
Hiroshi Mikitani
Tokyo City Hall from car
0.2mm 128K RFID
Sakamura Ken
Tokyo Station
The gray skies of Tokyo
Lots of security
Kinda official-looking lunch
Other Mobloggers
Lunch with Korean President
La Bisboccia
Karl Dubost
Frank Boosman
Drive-by moblogging
Mizuka With SO505i
John Cheuck
B&O in our room
Lobby Art
Neighborhood Steakhouse
Sky after hurricane