March 2005 Archives
Heewon, Jedi & me in Taiwan
Taiwan Blogger BoF
a relic of the days before spam
the art or lack thereof of eating by hand
Nokia truck
Matt Jones in demo mode
Doors kicks off
ceiling fan
hand charging phone
Hotel phone & door lock
Delhi dogs
bye Amsterdam
CC Europe Meeting
Icon Graffiti
censored parody posters
Sky-TV interview in squat
Circolo Anarchico Ponte Della Ghisolfa
Laura unlocking squat
Francesco Loriga
dinner at centrosociale
Barlow & David at 7am
Victor Ruiz
Pedro Jorge
Atocha Station
5 min of silence
Andrew McLaughlin
group photo
the press
drafting session
causing traffic with our motorcade
Charging for trip
Still winter
my alarm clock
almost spring day at home