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I had my third podcast conversation with Michael Harren for his podcast Mikeypod and streamed it on Facebook while recording it for my own podcast (iTunes/Soundcloud). My first podcast co-production!

(I sometimes call him Mikey because of his podcast name, but I think I'm supposed to call him Michael.) Michael is an activist, vegan and loves animals. We've inspired each other over the years and it was great to catch up with him after he read Whiplash. We talked about podcasting, veganism and lots of other stuff.

Conversation with Stephen Downs, Chief Technology and Strategy officer of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation talking about health, technology, RWJF and the MIT Media Lab.

Audio available on iTunes and SoundCloud.

In the late 80's, I was attending the University of Chicago, trying for the second time to complete my undergraduate degree. I was studying Physics and East Asian Studies. I started hanging out on the North Side of Chicago at the Cabaret Metro and Smart Bar where I discovered an amazing community. As someone exploring online communities at the time, I found myself learning more about what I wanted to learn - communities, culture, compassion, punk rock - than I was learning in school so I dropped out to become a regular DJ at Limelight and a occasional DJ at Smart Bar under the late, great, Mark Stephens. I wrote about this period of my life in a bit more detail in a previous blog post.

I was in Chicago recently and was able to record a conversation with Metro owner Joe Shanahan, former DJ from the period Jeff Pazen and Aldona who worked the bar at Metro and Smart Bar back in the day. We talked about music, nightclubs, Chicago and the 1980s.

Audio available on iTunes and SoundCloud.

I've known Kathy for years from when I was an entrepreneur in Japan and later when I was a "business executive" and a member of things like Keizai Doyukai (Japanese Association of Corporate Executives). We were sometimes on panels together and would run into each other a lot at various meetings. Kathy, as the Chief Japan strategist for Goldman Sachs would often be about the important trends that were affecting Japan.

I caught up with her recently to learn about women's role in Japanese business, business culture and a bit about Kathy's background and path.

Audio on iTunes and SoundCloud.


Talking to Media Lab faculty member, Kevin Esvelt who runs the Sculpting Evolution group about his work in developing safe and ethical ways to deploy technologies like CRISPR gene drive. He is currently working in Nantucket with communities there to have a conversation about how to move research and deployment forward to try to eradicate Lyme disease.

We talk about his work and how it connects with Whiplash.

Audio available on iTunes and SoundCloud.