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Jimmy Wales blogs about Campaigns Wikia on his blog today. It's a new initiative of his at Wikia to use wikis for political campaigns.

(Disclosure: I'm an investor in Wikia.)

My Plazes profile page (if you click the My World tab) now shows average speed. It shows that my average speed is 1880 km/day. That's 78.33 km/hr or 48.68 miles/hr. Isn't there some Muslim wisdom that your soul can't travel faster than a camel? (I think Barlow told me this.) I wonder how fast camels can run. I'd hate to be moving faster than my soul.

UPDATE: After my last flight, my average speed went up to 2153 km/day. w00t! I think...

Some other bloggers at Brainstorm:

Ross Mayfield, Dan Gillmor, Rebecca MacKinnon, Gary Bolles

UPDATE: Diego Rodriguez is also blogging the event.

I just saw a screening of the film "The War Tapes", a documentary about soldiers in Iraq by soldiers in Iraq. The director Deborah Scranton is telling the story now. She was asked by the National Guard to do a documentary as an embedded journalist. Instead, she suggested that they give cameras to the soldiers and let them shoot the film. Soldiers were given cameras and she directed coordinated the editing via IM and email. The result is an amazingly candid and real film and it gave me a better view of what it is like to be a soldier in Iraq than anything else I've ever seen. Regardless of whether you support the war or not, I suggest you see this film.

It also gives me another perspective on the soldiers and the spouses of soldiers that I have met in our World of Warcraft guild...

UPDATE: She directed the film by IM and it was edited when the soldiers returned from Iraq.

They just announced that the conference is on the record (yay!) but there are no photos allowed (boo!). They cited security reasons. I have a feeling maybe this had something to do with it. (disclaimer: I had nothing to do with the "derivative work")