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There has no Internet connectivity at this hotel for the last 2 days and I've had no Internet. Luckily I was surrounded by lots of smart and interesting people to distract me, but I would like to apologize to anyone who has been trying to reach me the last few days. I'll try to catch up on email over the next day or so. I'm about to embark on another longish series of flights from Rio to Aspen via Sao Paolo, Washington DC and Denver...

Thanks to the colossal effort on the part of Nevin Thompson for the translation and transcription and the overtime work by Thor at dotSUB getting this posted, the MXTV show that I blogged earlier is now available with English subtitles. The show was directed by Shuichi Fujiyasu, "Peacedelic'ed" by Hiroyuki Nakano (who just won a Canne Young Critic award this year for his short film "Iron") and produced by Digital Garage. A lot of the video is just about me and stuff I'm interested in, but there is also a bunch of stuff about Creative Commons. Since it's on dotSUB, anyone who is interested can sign up and translate it into other languages. I'm slightly self-conscious posting a video which is mostly about me, but I think that parts of it are very cool and worth seeing. Shuichi Fujiyasu and Hiroyuki Nakano also did a very cool job of annotating the attributions for the attribution license. Of course, this version is also licensed under a Creative Commons attribution 2.5 license.

Anyway, thanks for all the help.

PS : The Nakano films still need more help on the translation if you happen to have time. ;-)

In a last ditch effort to get my computer operational I reformatted what appeared to be a corrupt disk and borrowed an external disk to boot from. My OTHER MacBook Pro is in the shop and I had wiped it clean before sending it in. This SECOND MacBook Pro was the backup so the only backup I have is a backup backup which is about 6 months old.

Erasing the disk that possibly had the only copy of 6 months worth of data on it was an interesting thing. I knew that if I sent it to some service or used some tool that I might be able to recover some or all of the data. However, I imagined the time, stress and grief that it would cause me to engage in such an activity. I tried to take inventory of what I had done in the last six months and what items were unique and what I could recover from other people or from the Net. When I clicked "erase" on the Disk Utility, it was actually extremely liberating. Like decided to "let go" after dwelling on a loss in the family or something...

I realize this may sound a bit high drama, but I'm sure I'm not the only one whose brain shuts down to almost all outside input during a broken computer incident. Now I'm running on a fresh install with very little baggage and it actually feels quite nice. This also means no World of Warcraft and possibly more blogging. ;-), Microsoft has released a free Office plug-in that enables you to mark Office documents (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) with Creative Commons licenses. This has been in the works for a while, and is an extremely cool development. The plug-in will modify the FILE menu, adding an item “Creative Commons” and then when selected, link the user out to the CC site to select a license to be inserted into the license. The first document licensed with the tool is a speech by Brazil’s Culture Minister and supercool musician, Gilberto Gil, about tropicalism. (en) (pt).
This plug-in is for the Windows version of office only and doesn't work on the Mac. However, this is a great step in the direction of mainstream software recognizing and integrating Creative Commons and I would like to thank everyone who made this happen. As Larry states in his blog post, Microsoft has been on the right side of a number of issues and should be commended when they are.

I've started having a weird problem on my MacBook Pro. It hangs in a mode where the mouse moves and all of the applications are basically frozen. It process stuff in bursts every once in awhile. It doesn't show weird CPU activity on the activity monitor and I have about 10G of disk space free. It happens when I only have a few applications open. I've done an fsck and a permissions fix with Disk Utility. Does anyone know what the problem might be? When I reboot, it gets better, but the starts to degrade again after running for awhile...

On another MacBook Pro note... My first one is in the shop because my fan started to rattle and my CD bay and the delete key broke. This is a "backup" that I bought and it's already broken while the first one is in the shop.

OK, one more gripe. The MacBook Pro draws more power than the airline seats are designed for so the breaker on the seat will pop as soon as the MacBook Pro starts charging while on or even with the battery out, you run something that taxes the CPU. A laptop that doesn't work with airline power really cramps my style.

So although the speed is addictively fast, I'm not sure it's worth all of the problems that I've been having with it.

Anyway, I'd be very grateful if someone could help me with my most recent problem. ;-)