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I am waiting to board my flight to Rio, Brazil right now. When I checked in, I found out that my flight to Dulles airport in Washington DC stopped in Los Angeles and that my flight to Rio stopped in Sao Paulo. So instead of the 2 flights I thought I was taking, I'm taking 4. I heard from a friend that there is a nice flight on JAL that goes from Tokyo to New York to Rio. Looking closely at my flight itinerary, I just realized that I should have that a flight to Washington DC from Tokyo shouldn't take 17 hours and a flight from there to Rio shouldn't take 13 hours. In the past, I thought they showed "# of stops" or something in your itinerary, but on mine it just shows total hours... Note to self: read flight info carefully before booking tickets.

And since my MacBook Pro sucks too much power for airline seat power outlets and United doesn't have wifi anyway, I'm going to be doing the sleep/charge/work cycle for about 30 hours. Yuk.

Loic was lugging a one-man-video setup around when we met in Helsinki. He talked me into doing a conversation so he could show off his gear. ;-) He posted the video and audio on his blog.

Loic has been interviewing amazing people for his blog. Unfortunately for me, the interviews are mostly in French. Maybe he should use dotSUB...

Hiroyuki Nakano and his team posted some video messages from him for the iCommons Summit. I added the English subtitles and now they've been translated into Italian, Romanian and partially in Arabic in less than 24 hours. Pretty amazing.

Videos on dotSUB.

I blogged about the movie An Inconvenient Truth after I saw a screening of it. I think that EVERYONE should see the film. There is now a site dedicated to getting more people to see it. Please take a look and direct people to it if you can.

The Nokia guys showed me WidSets yesterday. It's a very cool service that allows people to make simple widgets which get sent to your phone and run on your phone. They are similar to OS X widgets and do various things like read RSS feeds, show flickr images for a particular tag, or show a Technorati feed. It's still in Beta, but seems to work well. It works on Java phones so will work on non-Nokia phones as well.