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Spain was beautiful. Dry and sunny. Last night Paris was a bit wet, but nice. I landed today in a hot, muggy Tokyo lined up for a direct hit by a Typhoon. (Technically, I think it's a tropical storm.) I am about to head out to go to a Ryuichi Sakamoto concert where my cousin Cornelius will be joining him. I am trying to figure out the route that is least likely to get shut down. Various trains routes have been shut down. I can already imagine the frustrated crowds of Japanese office workers stranded in Tokyo, sloshing around in the hot wetness with broken umbrellas.

I wish I could shutter my house and just stay home, but tonight is the last night of the performance. Anyway, the show should be great and the trip... interesting.

The War on Terror - As viewed from the Bourne shell.

Some geeky fun for a serious issue.

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AP via Yahoo
Man Killed in London Not Linked to Blasts

By PATRICK QUINN, Associated Press Writer Sat Jul 23, 7:16 PM ET

LONDON - Police identified the man who was chased down in a subway and shot to death by plainclothes officers as a Brazilian and expressed regret Saturday for his death, saying they no longer believed he was tied to the recent terror bombings.


The man shot at the Stockwell subway station was identified as Jean Charles de Menezes, 27. Witnesses said he was wearing a heavy, padded coat when plainclothes police chased him into a subway car, pinned him to the ground and shot him in the head and torso.


Police initially said the victim attracted police attention because he left a house that was under surveillance after Thursday's bungled bombings, in which devices planted on three subway trains and a double-decker bus failed to detonate properly. Stockwell is near Oval station, one of those targeted.

"He was then followed by surveillance officers to the station. His clothing and his behavior at the station added to their suspicions," police said Friday.

Adds new meaning to "false positive". He attracted attention, behaved in a way that added to their suspicions, and was pinned to the ground and shot in the head and torso. Police express regret. I don't know the details, but I sure hope the this isn't just swept under the rug. It reminds me of a particular line from Kofi Annan's speech in Madrid in March. "Upholding human rights is not merely compatible with a successful counter-terrorism strategy. It is an essential element in it."

And speaking of false positives, I read in an aviation magazine today that the US is proposing to force all flights that fly through US airspace to require clearing their passenger manifests with the notoriously noisy and full of false-positives US no-fly list even if the flights do not take off or land in the US. Obviously, some airlines are upset.

Note to self: Don't wear baggy clothes in London, don't associate with people who have names that might sound scary, and don't go to flight school.

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I am on the island of Menorca attending a friend's wedding. Right now, all I can seem to connect to is expensive gprs. My apologies if my blogging is a bit light and email responses slow and terse. I'll have real connectivity again on Monday on my flight back to Japan. ;-)

Until then, I'll try to moblog some pictures.

I have tried very hard not to delete comments, even if they are abusive. I believe in free speech and don't like the idea of censorship. However, I've recently received numerous requests from readers of my blog to address the issue of abusive and hateful comments.

Here is the rule. If you have something to say, say it without racial slurs. Otherwise, I will consider deleting it. If you post a comment which does not contribute to the conversation or is completely off-topic, I will delete it.

And a special rule for Mr. ICANN Troll. Please limit your criticisms of ICANN to posts about ICANN. You're always saying the same thing and I already get your point. Any random "ICANN sucks!" posts on non-ICANN related posts will be deleted. This also applies to the "Kill Japs!" and "Japs suck!" comments. I will leave them on Japan related topics, but will delete them from unrelated topics.

I will generally tolerate abuse against myself or entities I'm involved in more than abuse against other people commenting or other companies and groups of people.

Have I left anything out?