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the spread(of)CC

As of Thursday, the current spread of Creative Commons. The green are countries where the project has launched. The yellow are close. The red is yet to be liberated.

A lot of progress, but a lot left to do...

Dvorak reports that the leak about Apple switching from IBM PPC chips to Intel was leaked by someone at IBM to analysts who leaked it to CNet or someone close to CNet and then somehow the Wall Street Journal got the story. He wonders whether Apple was suing bloggers in anticipation of this announcement to try to plug the leaks. Dan Gillmor wonders whether Apple is going to sue CNet.

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Photo of camera
by Jeff Koga
The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) is paying the Los Angeles police department to install cameras to crack down on DVD bootleggers. So far four cameras have been installed and six more are on the way. Although the LAPD refuses to say where the cameras are installed, but there is information on Xeni's post on Boing Boing. The post also contains funny details of their adventure.

I hadn't realized that there was DVD piracy activity in LA. I wonder how much "lost revenue" they will recoup from these cameras. I wonder what else the LAPD going to use these cameras for. Having said that, I think we probably have more cameras per square inch in Tokyo than in LA. Welcome to our world.

Xeni has filed a story with Wired News about this as well.


Hi, Joi -- Sean Bonner created some topographical maps of the site, and posted those along with more photos and his first-person account over at Check it out:

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Kevin Marks has created a Quicktime movie of the Steve Jobs keynote at WWDC 2005 with chapters which makes it easier to view. This is the first time I've seen chapters. Pretty neat.

UPDATE: Here's how you do it.

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I've created a torrent using the Trackerless Auto setting on BitTorrent. It's a 37MB movie of my Roomba having some trouble with cliff detection and my dogs having trouble with the Roomba. It's probably not worth downloading, but if you feel like testing trackerless torrents, give it a try.


UPDATE: I've updated the torrent with the new version of the trackerless client. Can you give it a try?

UPDATE 2: I didn't have port forwarding on. I've turned it on now so it might work. However, I'll be on the road again in a few hours...

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