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I'm off to San Francisco. I'm pretty busy as usual, but hopefully will see some of my friends. Thanks for all the fun in LA and special thanks to McUnixJr for driving me home from the party.

UPDATE: Thanks to Sean for driving me to the party and Justin for picking me up at the airport. ;-)

dog listening to podcasts

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This is my favorite picture of the year...

New Year to all of you. I hope this year will be better than the last. With the tsunami and all of the uh-oh's of last year, I don't think I can really say "happy" anything right now. :-|

UPDATE: In Japan, there is a tradition that you don't send out New Years cards when you have had a death in the family the year before.

Bloggers without borders has just launch. Here's the first post from Jonas.

Tsunami Outreach

Submitted by Jonas M Luster on Thu, 2004-12-30 05:23.

We have found our compassion in this one. Yet, one thing remains and is badly needed, says a friend of mine who just arrived in Sri Lanka and will be contributing what he learned in eight years in Uniform. People. Not the odd-job bystander, not the “activist”, and certainly not the journalist. What is needed most, today, are qualified specialists. Demolitions experts to safely destroy dangerous structures, Doctors, guys and gals who know how to handle a syringe or a gun. The latter is needed more and more as the looting increases and food and medical supplies are being raided by black marketers.