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Liz has announced her new Lab for Social Computing at RIT over on Many-2-Many. I'm excited to be on the advisory board and look forward to seeing some great work from lab.

Technorati and Digital Garage just announced that they will work together to set up Technorati Japan which will be established as a subsidiary of Digital Garage and will distribute Technorati services in Japan. I am a co-founder and former co-CEO of Digital Garage. Digital Garage was a company that Kaoru Hayashi and I established in 1994 and we merged his advertising business and my Internet business together. We ran the company together and did a bunch of things like bring Infoseek to Japan. I later left the company to help run Infoseek Japan when it was spun out. This is the first real work I've done with Digital Garage since I left. It is really deja vu. When we brought Infoseek to Japan, people didn't understand the concept of ad impressions and we had to do a lot of teaching. We had to explain that impressions and clickthroughs could be measured unlike sponsorships and ads in magazines.

With Technorati Japan, we're going to go through a similar process again, this time explaining that it's now about conversations. We need to explain that companies and people can see what other people are saying in real time and participate in the conversations, and that it's not about banner ads anymore. I'm also excited that we will soon have a Japanese Technorati site for all of the Japanese bloggers.

We hope to get the service running sometime next year, but we're going to get started right away trying to get people to understand what this real live web and conversation stuff is all about.

Obviously, Japan is just the first step in our international strategy, but it's nice being able to do it with a team that I know and trust. It's also fun watching my old family meet and work with my new family. And last but not least, welcome to our family Gen. Gen left Sony and joined Digital Garage to work on Technorati Japan.

Dave has blogged about this too.

Hugh has a great post about "The Happy Troll". I've been thinking about this recently as well and I think he hits the nail on the head. This blog is my living room and if you can't behave, I'll ban you. It's not about censorship. I just don't have time to deal with all of the "Happy Trolls". Maybe I should put together a new comment policy that deals with the notion of "The Happy Troll."

Six Apart Japan together with Softbank just started selling Movable Type in a box. Actually, it's a folder. Anyway, it's doing surprising well and is currently ranked #1 on Softbank's ECBuyers online store right now. Sorry if this sounds boastful, but we're pretty stoked.

I just got the following message on Orkut.

Limit reached for number of friends

You have 1024 friends. You can only have up to 1000 friends. Before you can add more friends, you need to remove friends.

Partially because I was getting sick of social networks systems, partially because they were trying to be "exclusive" with invite only and partially because it was easy, I took the policy of saying yes to every friend request that didn't look like a fakester. Now I've found the edge of Orkut. According to Orkut, you can only have 1000 friends. I guess that's OK compared to the 150 or so for AIM. This error message reminds me a bit of real life. I know need to forget someone every time I meet someone I want to remember because I'm having a buffer overflow on my people recognition memory.

Now the question is... What do I do with my Orkut network now that I'm "done"?