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As some may have noticed, Boris and Ado (he doesn't have a very good sense of humor, but he tries) are fiddling with including my the recent songs I've played on my sidebar taken from my profile. I've turned scrobbling on so that it picks up the songs I'm playing now. When I'm scrobbling, I realize that I skip stupid songs so they don't end up in my profile. Now I have to take a shower. I'm going to leave iTunes on in shuffle mode. I sure hope it doesn't play anything too stupid or embarrassing while I'm away.

Just finished my RSS feed and didn't find anything I felt I needed to comment on so I'll give you my two favorite links from today.

From the mistress of the cute/cool thing, Andrea Harner, comes

Warren Ellis over at die puny humans informs us that:

Warren Ellis
It's a glum day for optimists. After 24 years of community service, the Quakertown Optimists Club is calling it quits. They're holding their last meeting on Thursday, citing declining interest.

"I feel sad," club president Bernard Kensky said.

"Four or five people would come to meetings and only two or three people would help out with the activities. I don't know why people stopped getting involved."

I just arrived in Cape Town. I've had some tea and dinner and many of the waiters were humming tunes when they did stuff. Even the person who was putting candles on the tables was humming a tune. So far, people seem... happy. I wonder if it's the weather. The weather is BEAUTIFUL. Or maybe it's the contrast to Paris, where the weather was terrible and considering how wonderful the city was, generally speaking, people seemed a bit unhappy...

Please please stop setting up scripts that bounce virus and spam email back to the sender. You're doubling the spam. Usually the sender or the "from:" is forged. My mailbox is getting filed with people bouncing email back to me that did not originate from me. (I DO check the IP addresses in the headers to makes sure.) What triggered this message was from an ignorant ass who bounced a message to me saying:

Your mail was rejected

You are crimer

Checking the header showed that it came from an IP address of a network I've never been on.

So please. Stop it.

Pascale Weeks joined us for dinner last night. She has a French language blog called "C'est moi qui l'ai fait !". She blogs about her cooking with wonderful pictures, recipes and a very down-to-earth style. It's great seeing people like Pascale who are extremely passionate about blogging who also possess the ability to create a lot of great original content. I only wish someone would translate her blog to English... or maybe I should just learn French.

One thing for sure though... if you like talking about food, clearly you must learn French. The food was amazing and the discussions about food were very enlightening... even if dinner DID take over four hours last night. ;-)