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I made it to my hotel in Tel Aviv. It was more hassle than I've ever had before, but people were polite and it was bearable. The women at immigration gave me a short glare, but she didn't stamp my passport when I asked her not to. It was a bit hard describing what I was doing in Tel Aviv since she didn't know what Internet or venture capital was. (or at least in English.) The most unbearable part is that the hotel said they had high speed Internet on the web site, but for some reason they don't have it now. Maybe they're out of modems or something. So I'm stuck with crappy, expensive GPRS. At least GPRS works though.

merkinofbaphomet posts on AnandTech that he just noticed that no abuse images show up on Google Images when you search for Abu Ghraib. The same search on Alta Vista produces a bunch of images.

I DO know that Google Images doesn't refresh their image database that frequently. Is it just that the images haven't made it into the database yet? Does anyone have more info on this? Can someone from Google shed some light?

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David Weinberger expresses his grief with some images. ;-)

John Perry Barlow has the best liberal post-election post I've read so far...

Hoder, the Iranian blogger is getting death threats.

Editor: Myself
Now they've moved to BlogSpot and have made another blog with the same name with a more precise content to backup their claims. They now have picked particular posts from my Persian blog, in which they think I've insulted the God, and other sacred concepts of Islam and therefore, quoting from a Quranic verse, I deserve to be killed.
I will be meeting Hoder for the first time at the upcoming Berkman Center's "Internet & Society 2004: Votes, Bits & Bytes" on December 10. This will be Hoder's first trip to the US. I hope it turns out to be enjoyable for him and doesn't cause him problems at home. I always have to remind myself that for some people, things we take for granted like "free speech" are life threatening activities in some countries.