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The movie that I'm helping on, "Negotiator - Mashita Masayoshi" is going to start shooting next week. I need to find more stickers that I can use for the laptop computers of the villain and the cyber-crime team. They need to be cool stickers and the rights have to be cleared. If you have any stickers that you have made or are with some group that would be interested in having stickers on a laptop in a Japanese movie, please email me the artwork or send me the actual stickers. Please also tell me what it represents and the story behind it if there is one. The director will make the final decision on whether to use the sticker based on the meaning, story behind the sticker and how cool it looks.

My address is:
Neoteny Co., Ltd., Plaza Mikado 3F, 2-14-5 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052 Japan

or jito (at)

There is now a web site for the movie, but there is still not much there.

Why are they going to run WMD drills on election day? Some strong allegations on the Citizens for Legitimate Government page with links to a variety of sources.

You're actually just a ball in a pachinko game in the grand scheme of things. Friendster Pachinko.

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I am still getting bombarded from IP address which is My most recent outage was a a more "formal" attack, but my the cause of my first outage on bloghosts was caused by these requests from It's basically a request for my index.xml about 15 times a minute. Not really hardcore and we are now filtering the requests, but still annoying. It might be a hoard of news readers, but the requests keep coming even after we've banned them and redirected the requests back to Plasmaxx. Anyone know who Plasmaxx Research is? There is no contact info on their page or in the whois. I suppose that if it is indeed an attack, the perpetrator is not actually from Plasmaxx Research. Anyway, if anyone knows anyone from Plasmaxx research, can you tell them to please stop bombarding me.

More info on Adriaan's blog.