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1001 is a desktop client to be used in conjunction with Flickr, the online photo-sharing website. 1001 not only uploads photos to your Flickr account, it notifies you anytime new photos from either your contacts, everyone, or your favorite tags are uploaded. 1001 allows you to step into the stream of photos passing through Flickr and to quickly see what's new at the moment. Just run the app in the background and if triggered, 1001 pops up a small unobtrusive window to notify you of new photos.
Groovy new OS X client by Adriaan for Flickr.

disclosure: Adriaan works for me and I'm an investor in Flickr.

Delta Queen203B

The BBC talks about Ellen, a flight attendant fired for blogging by Delta Airlines

Ellen Simonetti, who writes the Diary of Flight Attendant, has been fired (BBC article) by Delta Airlines because she posted pictures of herself in uniform. Maybe a blog to protect the rights of fired bloggers should be launched ?

The images were removed as soon as she learned she had been suspended. As far as Ms Simonetti knows, there is no company anti-blogging policy.

There is guidance which suggests the company uniform cannot be used without approval from management, but use in personal pictures on websites is unclear.

I think this is a stupid decision on the part of Delta Airlines. If they didn't have a policy and didn't like it, they should have told her to take it down, not suspend her. What they should have done is not cared. I'm sure her blog would INCREASE the number of Delta Airline flyers, not decrease them. I for one now have a lower image of Delta.

UPDATE: She was not "fired". She was "suspended without pay".

David Beckemeyer
BT appears to be blocking third-party VoIP

I've been biting my tongue on this since I first ran across it several months back. But now I have to say something. If someone can prove me wrong on this, fine, I'll post a retraction, but now I'm going to say it: British Telecom appears to be explicitly blocking VoIP for their DSL subscribers.

I've worked with an associate to examine the situation and all signs point to an explicit blocking of VoIP. In Cisco ACL-speak, it appears there is a rule somewhere in the BT network being applied to inbound packets of the form:

deny udp any eq 5060 any
If this is true, this is VERY bad behavior. 5060 is the port that SIP uses. I can understand why a phone company wouldn't want "free phone calls over the Internet" running on their system, but this is exactly the kind of behavior that makes Internet folks dislike telephone company control.

Can anyone else corroborate this fact?

VoIP stands for "Voice over IP" and SIP is the open standard "Session Initiation Protocol" used to set up calls over the Internet

UPDATE: Looks like it is a customer router issue, but still may be BT driven. Update on Mr. Blog.

Speaking of unreachable sites... George Bush's official site used to time out when you tried to access it from Japan, Australia, New Zealand and a few other places I think. I blogged this back in August. Now it tells you formally:
Access Denied

You don't have permission to access "" on this server.

Much more formal than just timing out on us. But it's more clear now that it is intentional. Why would the Bush campaign want to block access from Japan?

via Jim

The day before yesterday, I received a notice from my hosting service that I was 80% through my bandwidth limit. I replied and asked for m.m.m.more bandwidth please. Then suddenly, I was at 100% and some trigger kicked in and shut down my site. It appears to have been a flood of requests from a singe IP address. (Who would want to DoS my blog...?)

Bloghosts has been generous on their pricing and Jace who runs it has generally been fairly responsive. For some reason, I haven't been able to get any response from anyone from Bloghosts. It is very unlike Jace so I'm going to hold back my criticism until I have more facts. It could be that there is some reasonable explanation.

Anyway, thank you for the flood of emails letting me know my site was down. I'm so glad you all care. (sniff) But the real thanks goes to Jason who set me up with space on his machine (where are you are reading this now) and Adriaan for getting my blog moved over to the new machine after a 24 hour outage. Since Jason doesn't seem to mind, I think I'll hang out on this server for awhile... so move over and give me some more room Sean, Chey and Gary.