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It seems like we're having a typhoon almost ever week. This one isn't supposed to be as bad as the last one, but all flights at Haneda Airport in Tokyo have just been grounded.

UPDATE: TSR says it's just a tropical storm, but it feels stronger than the other one. It's supposed to hit early in the morning...

UPDATE: 17 dead, 19 missing and 207 injured as of 10PM (1 hr 40 min ago). 187,000 homes evacuated. This one seems to be worse than the last one. It should hit our town in about 30 minutes. Doesn't seem so bad yet, but should probably shut down desktop computers...

UPDATE: Now 22 dead, 30 missing. The typhoon veered NorthWest and missed our region.

This image may be copyrighted. I don't know the origin of the image. If someone knows, please let me know.


Larry Angell via Email
Hi Joi,
I was the original poster of the iDebate image. I posted it on my blog
back on Wednesday, the 13th. It was an original work done by one of our readers (I'm the editor over there) who let me post it.
Thanks for any possible link :-)


Larry Angell
Editor-in-Chief, MacMinute

David Weinberger
VoIP crime

US citizen Ilya Mafter has been detained by the Belarusians for committing the crime of Voice over IP. The government says that he caused about US$100,000 in damage to the country's telephony providers "as a result of illegal communications services using IP telephony that were organized by Mafter."

Such illegal communications services hurt telephone companies and in many countries these telephone companies are run by the government or wield a great deal of power. Sometimes it's easy to forget that competition with monopolies is illegal in many countries.
Cory Doctorow @ Boing Boing
Jon Stewart on his Crossfire appearance

Here's a clip form Jon Stewart's Daily Show monologue following on his now-legendary Crossfire appearance in which he post-mortems his performance. Very good stuff.

Link, Crossfire's response

(via Waxy!)

Jon Stewart
They said I wasn't being funny. And I said to them, "I know that, but tomorrow I will go back to being funny, and your show will still blow."

Thanks Cory and Waxy!

Flight is boarding now. See you later London and thanks for the Fish and Chips. See you on the other side.