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Dave's posted some great charts.

Chart of the number of Technorati inbound link sources plotting Big Media vs. Blogs. More info this chart on Dave Sifry's blog.

Chart of the growth in number of blogs tracked by Technorati which reflects total number of "public" blogs.

Chart of number of new blogs per day showing acceleration.

More info on last two charts also on Dave Sifry's blog.

Chart of number of new posts per day.

More info on this chart also on Dave Sifry's blog.

William Gibson is blogging again. Yay! Welcome back.

via Boing Boing

Japanese and the Finnish tend to pronounce things rather monotonously or accent the first syllable. I find that the American's tend emphasize the second syllable. In notice this in particular with three syllable words like Nokia or Joichi. The American's say no-KEEE-ah (mp3) or Jo-WEEE-chee. In Japanese, it's JOH-ichi and the Finnish say NOH-kee-ah (mp3). One of the reasons I shortened my name to Joi from Joichi was that I didn't like the sound of the second syllable accent. For some reason the second syllable accent sounds less respectful for formal... Like Run DMC's "My Adidas!" Am I being weird? I'm not a linguist or anything and this is just a totally random, personal, emotional observation. Am I besting culturally intolerant?

Just went with Marko and a bunch of friends (including Loic and Heiko) to the Finnish Sauna Society. The sea wasn't frozen yet, so it wasn't avantouinti, but the ocean was 8 degrees celsius so it was plenty cold. Did the sauna, whip each other with birch branches and swim in the ocean routing five times. Then we sat around the fire cooking sausages. Very relaxing and a nice unwind after the Italian anarchy. ;-) Now I'm ready to spend the day tomorrow in a conference room with the Finns.

I love Italy so much. Thanks for all the fun. I'll be back soon. I've just arrived in Helsinki and it's warmer than I expected. I am about to head over to Aula to give a talk on the the future of music...