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Suw Charman writes about Egogooglebombing. I sometimes accidentally do this to people with my moblog.

Lawrence Lessig
faces of frustration

This is the impression I got from the debate. Click on the video here for a wonderful remix of the debate.

Another funny video.
Andrea Harner
Terizm, Terizm, Terizm...
Hey congrats to all who have said 'terrorism', '9/11', etc ad nauseum because now it all sounds like blah, blah, blah!

I think I'm supposed to be scared into voting for Bush.

Well Mr. 'Not Such A Good Debater' Bush....BOO! I'M VOTING FOR KERRY.

Check out this short video:


I mirrored the the movie in case the source above gets overloaded.

Apologies to my Republican readers, but although I already declared that I'm a partisan blogger, I'm going to start leaning into it a bit harder as you can see from my recent posts. Since I can't vote, it's the least I can do. Feel free to comment though. ;-)

Frank Boosman
"These People"

I've talked with two citizens of foreign countries about the presidential debate -- one from Australia, the other from Germany -- and interestingly, both of them found the following statement by President Bush extremely offensive:

I know how these people [world leaders] think. I deal with them all the time. I sit down with the world leaders frequently and talk to them on the phone frequently.
I like to think I'm sensitive to international points of view, but honestly, I wouldn't have predicted that reaction. Apparently it's the phrase "these people". On reflection, I think I can see why someone from outside the US would find it condescending -- and misguided as well, since it seems to imply that "world leaders" all think similarly.
Interesting. I find the term "these people" annoying because it is a "us and them" sort of word and also makes "them" sound like enemies or maybe a nuisance. "Leave it up to me. I know how to deal with these people," sounds like some intermediary negotiating with Native Americans in an old Western movie to me. He should have said, "I know the other world leaders and know how they think." Or something like that... although Frank's right in that it does make it sound like that they all think in the same way which is silly, but not really insulting - just stupid.