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Wall Street Journal
This Compilation CD Is Meant To Be Copied and Shared

September 20, 2004

For more than a year, the music industry has held firm on its zero-tolerance position on online file swapping, suing 4,679 alleged digital pirates to drive its point home.

But now, 16 high-profile artists, many of them signed to the same global music companies that have brought the lawsuits, are participating in a project that will allow music lovers to freely copy and trade some new songs without risking legal retaliation.

Next month, songs by the Beastie Boys, David Byrne and 14 others will appear on a compilation CD whose contents are meant to be copied freely online, remixed or sampled by other artists for use in their own new recordings. "The Wired CD: Rip. Sample. Mash. Share." was compiled by the editors of Wired magazine, of San Francisco, as an experimental implementation of a new kind of intellectual-property license called Creative Commons. About 750,000 copies of the disc are to be distributed free with the magazine's November issue. The disc also will be handed out to audience members at a benefit concert by Mr. Byrne and others tomorrow night in New York.

The CD will include:

Beastie Boys - 'Now Get Busy'
David Byrne - 'My Fair Lady'
Zap Mama - 'Wadidyusay?'
My Morning Jacket - 'One Big Holiday'
Spoon - 'Revenge!'
Gilberto Gil - 'Oslodum'
Dan the Automator - 'Relaxation Spa Treatment'
Le Tigre - 'Fake French'
Paul Westerberg - 'Looking Up in Heaven'
Cornelius - 'Wataridori 2'
Matmos - 'Action at a Distance'

Thanks to Chris and everyone at Wired for pulling this together. See you tonight at the concert!

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Main WaterField bag that I put everything else into
I realized today when I was packing that just about everything I pack is in a little sub-bag. I'm not normally an anal person, but having bags in bags with a proper place for every cable and plug helps me structure my packing and pack without thinking too hard. One of the most important components of this system is my WaterField bag gear. I've been using these bags for awhile since Reid turned me on to them, but I keep buying every new specialized pouch they come out with. I'm an addict...

I also LOVE the Eagle Creek Pack-It Folders that keep your shirts together and has this cool plastic thing that helps you fold your shirts.

I'm off to New York today to attend the Creative Commons board meeting and go to the Creative Commons benefit concert organized by Wired Magazine. Hope to see you there!

UPDATE: At airport now. It was very crowded getting through. I was looking through my passport while waiting in line and I noticed that on my last trip the old U.S. Immigrations stamp I used to get when entering the US changed to U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Similar, but definitely has a different ring to it.

Also, I've been stuck waiting in line enough these days and have started always choosing lines where if possible both adjacent lanes are closed. I've found that I have a 50/50 or so chance of having the lane next to me open up and shorted our particular line by 1/2. In many airports like Narita, there are two lanes per block and it's worth it to check whether a line is a double line or a single line since sometimes they get mashed together...

Anyway, at least I'm on free wifi with a power cable.

Wikipedia has just announced that it has reached one million articles. Congratulations Wikipedians! Wikipedia is in more than 100 languages with 14 currently having over 10,000 articles. It is ranked one of the ten most popular reference sites on the Internet according to (trumping Reuters, the Wall Street Journal and the LA Times). At the current rate of growth, Wikipedia will double in size again by next spring.

Wikipedia is a volunteer effort supported by the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation. Please contribute to their fundraising effort.

Coincidentally, this is the 3000th post on this blog.

Kamelopedia, originally a German parody of Wikipedia, has launched in English. Kamelopedia uses the same MediaWiki software that Wikipedia uses, but it is a joke encyclopedia based on puns and mistakes. Wikipedia has an english language description of Kamelopedia. I just signed up, but I'm not sure which is more fun... trying to be funny, or writing in the Wikipedia deadpan tone about something that is funny. (I'm working on this style on the Stealth Disco article.) There is also the Wikipedia Bad jokes and other deleted nonsense page.

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