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The NYC police are reported to have a weapon-like acoustic device called an LRAD at the RNC protests.

Here is a picture from Indymedia.

Earlier this month, the New York Police Department showed off a machine called the Long Range Acoustic Device, developed for the military and capable of blasting at an earsplitting 150 decibels -- as loud as a firecracker, a jet engine taking off or artillery fire at 500 feet, according to the Noise Center at the League for the Hard of Hearing. The NYPD said it would use the machine to direct crowds to safety if there's a terrorist attack or remind protesters where they're allowed to march. Police said they wouldn't use the earsplitting screeching noise feature at the convention. "It's only to communicate in large crowds," Inspector Thomas Graham of the police department's crowd control unit said.

via Xeni @ Boing Boing - more on Boing Boing

John Perry Barlow promised to organize dancemobs to disrupt the RNC and he has. He sends a quick update from the dancemob front lines.

I'm at an airport lounge in Frankfurt Airport and just had a weird experience. There was a huge line and passport control to get into the terminal with my departure gate for my next flight. I decided to go to the lounge. It was sort of a long walk, but when I arrived and asked how to get to my gate, they said it was around the corner - with no security or passport control. Somehow I just "walked around" the passport control.

Now I realize that this is inter-terminal passport control so I have no idea what sort of border it represents, but being able to walk around it seems a bit weird to me...

UDPATE: Although two different people at the lounge assured me it was only minutes away and I didn't have to go through passport control, I somehow got routed back the way I came and though passport control. I asked several times since I was very skeptical. So I either didn't listen to their directions carefully, they were pulling my leg, or they were wrong. Anyway, sorry about the misfire.

Inspired by Maciej's anti-audioblogging manifesto, I started working on an audioblogger mashup. I'm not very good at this yet, but here's what I've got so far. (1.8 MB mp3).

I'm going to keep working on this, but if anyone wants to pitch in and give me a hand... hint hint...

UPDATE: I'm taking this down because Maciej says it's freaking him out. ;-)

I'm off to Linz, Austria in a few hours. I'll be attending Ars Electronica. My schedule in Linz is on my wiki. After that, I'm going to Beijing. My travel schedule for the year is also on my wiki.

See you all there.