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I saw this picture on Boing Boing. It's a ancient (about 30 years old) hard disk that probably fit about 256K according to a Boing Boing reader.

This iDuck can hold 1000X as much as that disk drive.

And these little 0.2mm RFID chips hold 128K each.

I wonder when they will start selling memory at the drug store in Petabytes per gram...

Although the day has past in Japan, it is Sys Admin Appreciation Day in the US. System administrators are some of the most important and often least appreciated members of the team and this is a great opportunity to thank them.

I'd like to thank Kuri who does the brunt of my network admin, Boris who does most of my blog admin and pixel pushing, and Adriaan and Jim who help out when they can. Special thanks to Justin, for installing my first Movable Type installation.

Thanks to Peter, Adina and Ed for helping me out on my SocialText stuff, to everyone on #joiito for keeping the bots running. Although they're not really Sys Admins, to Jeannie and Suw for being the "strange attractors" on #joiito who keep it going.

I'd like to thank the team who started Eccosys: Cyrus, Sen, Shimokawa, Daishi and Jona, and kudos also to Ushioda who pitched in at Neoteny.

Thanks also to Scott Burns who kept The Meta Network running for all those years.

Finally, I'd like to thank all of the people who run the dns and other vital components of the Internet and keep it working.

The world would not work without you all.

(I'm sorry if I missed anyone.)

via Boing Boing

Thanks to Jim and Ado for setting up the BitTorrent tracker. Here is a torrent for Lawrence Lessig's Free Culture talk in Helsinki that I blogged about earlier.

Talking Points Memo

See CNN's Breaking News Alert: "Security forces have captured a high-level al Qaeda operative in a raid in central Pakistan, Interior Minister Faisal Saleh Hayat said."

Then, after you see that, remember that we noted in May and then The New Republic reported out extensively early this month, that this White House has been telling the Pakistanis for months that they wanted to see a big-time al Qaida leader -- hopefully bin Laden -- produced during the Democratic convention.


via Glenn

I want to start playing with BitTorrent and integrating it into blogging more. I think I need a BitTorrent tracker. Can anyone recommend a respectable public tracker or does anyone have a machine they'd be willing to run a public tracker on? I want try to experiment with a variety of legal uses of BitTorrent.